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Posted 63 months ago. You can always ask a question in return. We decided to trust you guys. That is not a question you need to ask. By reactivating your Yahoo!

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It's happening to us, because of one phenomenally bad choice some of us made. They're going to reuse inactive IDs. Start here" link at the bottom, and then select the option for "I have another problem not listed here".

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You're one of the company shills. By mid-July, users will get to apply for IDs of their choice, and will find out which one they have got by mid-August.

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I logged in today to beat July 15th, but should I start remembering to log in every X months to keep saving it? But I guess it's all good, because Yahoo gets to issue a press release?

If the former, I'd like to hear how it works out.

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Yeah, but what happens if you ever need to recover your password or ID? Change your email contact details to an active email account. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

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Here, we would like to ask who really needs security and safety. The quote I cited in the other discussion is directly on point. What aine thing at your own fais do-do. Siempre puedes preguntar algo en contrapartida. ID that's short, sweet, and memorable like albert yahoo.

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Suggest an example Results: Me ordenaron preguntar, y pregunto. If the latter, that's enough of this conversation for me. Next, I would like to ask about very sensitive issues. It is not the custom to ask for names.

With our relationship, you don't need to ask.

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Or what the word "disingenuous" means. Puede preguntar a cualquiera de mis clientes. I don't doubt that, because it's not happening to any of you. What were we thinking about?

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Or are you just going to continue to argue about whether Yahoo is lying to you? No puedo resistirme a preguntar esto. No es algo que necesites preguntar. Apparently they aren't, Ms. However, this shouldn't affect your ability to log into Flickr, nor will your Y!

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The last time I did that it tried to log me in through Yahoo! I don't really want to ask any more questions. You can ask any one of my clients, they'll tell you the same.

Use the "Need help?