José Ramón Cao Fernández in Oviedo José Ramón Cao Fernández in Oviedo

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Sebastian Seung and his lab are carrying out leading research of brain structure through the EyeWire project EyeWire. He also carried out other tasks of the Cuban Revolution both in Cuba and abroad.

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Daniel Siegel MindSight Institute I follow the work of Dan Siegel since reading his book MindSIght which is hands down the best application —almost the only one— of real neuroscience in psychology therapy. Constantin Stanislavsky Stanislavsky is the father of modern acting not pretending, being and, even though this might be a strange place to mention him, his vision and work were key factors for the bridge that took me from the arts into neuroscience.

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Bay of Pigs and the CIA. Since he has been the President of the Cuban Olympic Committee.

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Washington's First Military Defeat in the Americas. He was graduated from the Higher War School in Fernandez has been a deputy to the National Assembly since and was a Member of the Council of State from until Acknowledgements In recognition of his work he has been awarded several medals, among them the title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

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Political life He represented the Cuban government at the investiture of presidents in several Latin American countries and at other governmental events. Before dawn that day, Fidel Castro ordered him to command the many battalions of militia and regular army troops engaged in fighting the invading forces of Brigade Bay of Pigs - The Untold Story.

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At the time of the Bay of Pigs Invasion on 17 Aprilhe was director of militia training and based at Managua near Havana. Late on 19 Aprilhe was among Cuban government forces that finally broke through to Playa Giron and forced surrender and dispersal of invading troops.

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From he has been in charge of different responsibilities and positions, among which there are: Shortened version of Cuba: Cuban Revolution and beyond Fromas a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, he took part in the different mobilizations, both productive as well as for the defense of the country.

Sebastian Seung Seung Lab, M.

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Morgado was a key factor for my bridge from acting and cinema into neurocience since he was open enough to allow a student from the arts to enroll in this Master's course.

He was the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Scientific—Academic Conference "Giron, 40 years later", that took place in March and of the International Conference "The Missile Crisis, a political vision 40 years later" on October From March 10,he took part in different conspiracy activities and movements against the Batista tyranny with different military and political groups, until when he was caught when the conspiracy movement called "Los puros" was discovered.