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Launch multiple favorite apps at once Quick Launch Code favorite applications, games, and websites to your bundled tag and get them going with a quick touch on NFC Express 2. Oftentimes, hubs also charge your MacBook Pro while connected.

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Adapters - Adapters are also sometimes called dongles. It is easy, it is elegant — and it means you're always charged and ready to go! This is not a Thunderbolt 3 supported hub, but it will connect and work with your or later MacBook Pro, just in a slightly limited capacity.

It is capable of up to 85 watts of power so you can juice up your inch MacBook Pro and 15 watts of device charging for your iPhone and iPad.

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock I've been using Elgato's updated Thunderbolt 3 Dock since it first came out and it's been absolutely fantastic when I need a variety of ports to connect to my inch MacBook Pro xtra ii charger hook up.

Tap to control your PC and charge up with ease!

They'll usually even charge your laptop while connected. It has super fast charging with 2. A single tap to log in your Difference between flirting and talking german quickly and launch your frequently-used applications all at once.

They have their own power supply so they won't drain your MacBook Pro's power. It's the smallest on this list and technically could stand upright, though the tiny size might make it topple over when you plug in all those peripherals. It comes with a 3. Transfer photos and videos from smart devices to PC with a tap, and intelligently backup all photos and videos added since last sync.

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Usually, they have their own separate power source and include display ports that support 4K and 5K displays. There are three types of port extenders that are perfect for different types of users. They're more expensive than adapters, but they are a workhorse all their own.

You can charge your devices with the USB-A 3. Automatically backup photos and videos Photo Express Cable-free! It has five USB-A 3.

What's the difference between an adapter, hub, and docking station?

If you use your MacBook Pro with multiple displays and have a fairly stationary set up, you might find docking stations to be more to your liking.

This is perfect for launching the content you access most frequently with shorter load times. It's not going to give you super fast data transfer, and it's not going to charge your MacBook Pro while you work, but it is going to connect things you need so you can expand your accessory options.

Oh yeah, did I mention it can be set up on its side, so you can tuck it in with your sci-fi books on the shelf if you want to keep it out of sight?

Sit back and relax and control your desktop PC from the comfort of your living room or anywhere else at home. Others mount to your MacBook Pro.

It's currently on backorder, so be sure to get in line now before they sell out. It's much less expensive and works great for simple connections. Quick log-in without typing Windows 8 Login With one touch, you can log in to Windows 8 without having to remember your password!

Music in the phone, play on the PC Bluetooth Pairing Auto pairing with your PC and play music stored in your smart devices through your PC speaker for instant audio enjoyment!

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See at Amazon What's the difference between an adapter, hub, and docking station? Thanks to the mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 ports, you can also hook up one 5K display or two 4K displays. Device compatibility depends on the design of the device's charging receiver. It also has a 3.

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They usually have just a few different types of ports. You can even tap to stream your movie from desktop to your mobile device — just like that. With the FireWireyou can hook up your ancient, but still useful, devices.

Lenovo USB-C Hub If you're looking at this list and choking on your LaCroix at the hefty price tags you're seeing on these USB-C hubs, it's probably because you don't need the powerful extras that come with the professional-grade docks mentioned.

Docking stations are meant for a more stationary desktop setup. There are even some docking stations that let you set up your MacBook Pro in clamshell mode. Let us know in the comments and we'll check them out.

They are the least expensive of the three and the most portable, as well. Some of them are very similar to hubs — a stand-alone box with a number of ports. They offer faster data transfers so you can hook up your external hard drive and get at your files faster.