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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. The rampant production, continued upgrading and indiscriminate use of these weapons must be stopped. His Government did not possess any nuclear weapons and would never do so, as the very existence of such weapons posed an unacceptable risk to humanity.

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In that regard, Cambodia reiterated its full support for the total elimination of such weapons for the sake of future generations.

The purpose of the proposal was to check flirte par sms free undesirable developments by negotiating a ban on the production of such weapons before they even start to be produced. A main concern is the trafficking in such weapons.

The world community must do all it can to raise these hurdles while strengthening the fundamental norms against the possession or use of such weapons.

We cannot allow the indefinite perpetuation of the possession of such weapons. Suggest an example Results: There are many stories of suspicions, revelations and compliance concerning the development of such weapons.

Please outline the legislation concerning the acquisition and possession, and import and export, of such weapons. We therefore fully support international efforts to prevent the acquisition and use of such weapons by terrorists.

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The spectre of nuclear terrorism haunts us as we combat illegal trafficking related to the possession, production and use of such weapons.

Furthermore, article 95 of the Act establishes penalties for the illegal possession and storage of such weapons.

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Moreover, it has adopted deterrent legislation to curb the illegal possession, import, manufacture and transfer of such weapons. The illicit trafficking of these weaponswhich fuel conflict and instability in some regions, should remain the focus of our efforts.

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A legally binding instrument would have assisted in that regard by strengthening the controls on transfers of such weapons. Turkey is determined to continue its efforts in the future towards ensuring the non-proliferation of such weapons.

Acquisitions of such weapons should also ideally be reported to the Panel.

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Fourthly, international efforts aimed at preventing the illicit traffic in such weapons must be stepped up. Furthermore, the producers of such weapons are numerous and the smuggling networks are well developed and organized.

We would have liked, however, to see a stronger commitment to controlling international transfers of such weapons through legally binding agreements.