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The cartographic parameters used with proj. Para hacer esto, ingresar valores de longitud y latitud conocidos WGS 84 en campos Norte: Coordinate reference systems of the world: Use the CRS selector.

User defaults can be saved by selecting Remember selection.

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Nota When operating across layers, for example, computing intersections between two layers, it is important that both layers have the same CRS.

Click on one of these items to select the associated CRS. Los SRC personalizados estan almacenados en una base de datos de usuario. Truco Looking for a layer CRS? Clic en [Calcular], y comparar los resultados con valores conocidos en su sistema de referencia por coordenadas.

Items in the dialog are: This manual describes the use of the proj.

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This text is read-only and provided for informational purposes. If you know the EPSG code, the identifier, or the name for a coordinate reference system, you can use the search feature to find it.

Enter the EPSG code, the identifier or the name. CRSs personalizados se almacenan en su base de datos de usuario lqgl. Normalmente, no se necesita manipular la base de datos directamente.

However, OTF is not activated by default. Instead you must save the layer as a new layer, and choose the desired CRS for the new layer.

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When OTF is off, each layer is drawn using the coordinates as read from the data source. Your layer position is then moved accordingly. You may have to do some trial and error in order to find the right position, hence its original CRS.

The active CRS is preselected.

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Recently used coordinate reference systems: Further information may be found by hovering over a transform. For some CRS there are a number of transforms available. Whenever you select a new CRS, the layer units will automatically be changed in the General tab of the Project Properties dialog under the Project or Settings menu.

All of these features allow the user to display layers with different CRSs and have them overlay properly.

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This choice will be saved for use in subsequent QGIS sessions. Assuming that you have another layer with a valid crs that should overlaps with it, enable the OTF reprojection and, in the General tab of the Layer properties dialog, use the Coordinate Reference System selector to assign a projection.

It also allows the user to define custom coordinate reference systems and supports on-the-fly OTF projection of vector and raster layers.