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Rachel explains that she had a hard time connecting with others. After finding about her drunken state the night before, she assumes that she misplaced her laptop. Alejandro assumes that if he stays close to her, he can convince her to give him the visa for Maria.

When the three arrive home, Alejandro sees the computer lying on his table with a note from Maria. Alejandro has three hours to pay him 20, pesos. In the morning, Indian scout review uk dating tickles Rachel, causing Rachel to panic after she awakens.

Even so, this undemanding but pleasant pic should find an appreciative audience in theatrical and homevid release. Spanish, English dialogue Think of it an old-fashioned love song rearranged to a mariachi beat.

In the morning, she finds Maria's stickers on the keyboard of the laptop and feels betrayed that Alejandro manipulated Rachel to obtain a visa. Prior to those two days, Alejandro was supposed to pay the money to Hapi, a loan shark.

Alejandro presumes that Hapi also stole the laptop. Rachel Simons, an intelligent diplomatic, works for the embassy of the United States of America.

Pulling Strings

But she refuses pulling strings jaime camil online dating leaves, still heartbroken. Alejandro tries to explain that the city is not a safe environment for his daughter, which is why he wanted a visa.

Because of not paying, Hapi has his home burgled. It helps even more that, when it comes to mariachi singing, Camil is a suitably smooth crooner.

Throughout a duration of two days, he takes Rachel to the bar where she was intoxicated, the embassy, a taxi cab company president, a black-market dealer, and a computer repair shop.

To make things better, he is planning to get a visa so Maria would stay with her grandparents in Arizona. Her father traveled across the world for his job, before he died away from his family, which made it difficult for Rachel to bond with other people and develop strong relationships.

However, Rachel denies him a visa. Still unstrung after the untimely death of his wife years earlier, struggling mariachi singer Alejandro Camil figures his daughter Maria Renata Ybarra would be better off with her grandparents north of the border. His daughter Maria is struggling in school and hardly sees her father because of his job.

Canicas tries to cheer Alejandro up.

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Rachel still chooses London to make things better. Mexico A Lionsgate in U. After spectating his performance, Rachel develops close feelings for Alejandro. One month later, Maria finishes 3rd Grade.

As a last resort, Rachel gives Hapi her watch that her boss gave to her. Alejandro spots Rachel while he performs with his bandmates.

While retaking his things, Alejandro and Canicas see that the computer was not in the laptop case, but do not reveal this fact to Rachel.

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After getting promoted in LondonArt, her boss, entrusted her last duty to take care of the laptop, loaded with data, until he returns from the out-of-town business. Directed by Pitipol Ybarra.

After leaving him, Alejandro becomes depressed due to his actions. Rachel leaves and refuses to speak to him.

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As Rachel is getting ready to leave for London, Carol and Canicas help drive Alejandro to the airport to apologize and tell her that he loves her and attempts to persuade her to stay. When Alejandro arrives to pay Hapi, he refuses, because he is short 2, pesos.

Several acres of familiar ground are covered in the storyline about a Mexico City single dad who falls for a U. He takes this note and has Canicas put the computer back in the laptop case and give it back to Rachel.

He also explains the truth about making things right for Maria.

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To make his plan seem believable, Alejandro calls others in Mexico City that will help him with his plan to obtain a visa. While meeting with the computer repairman, Alejandro forgets that he has to perform for Maria, causing him to be tardy to Maria's school.

Produced by Leonardo Zimbron, Oscar Torres. Working from a screenplay credited to Oscar Torres, Issa Lopez, Gabriel Ripstein and Georgina Riedel, helmer Pitipol Ybarra keeps things pleasingly animated, even though he allows the pace to flag during an overextended third act.

After singing one of his songs, the two kissed. Camil smartly plays Alejandro as more comically desperate than roguishly deceptive as Alejandro takes Rachel on a protracted search for her missing laptop. He helps her up and calls a taxi to bring her into Alejandro's home to rest.

During the evening, Alejandro and Maria hear mariachi music through the window and sees Rachel. After Rachel becomes intoxicated and suddenly left the party, Alejandro finds her attempting to sleep in a bus stop.

More Reviews Locarno Film Review: But when she awakens the next morning, she panics. Throughout her experience, Rachel was happy that she lost the laptop because she met Alejandro, and they sleep together. As a result, viewers have an easier time believing in, and rooting for, the budding romance.

As a secret, Alejandro hides it and pretends to help find her computer, with his help of his comical best friend and band member, Carlos Nicanor "Canicas" Castro.

In order to meet this amount of money, Rachel suggests the idea of selling his albums and performing with his band.