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See Customizing QPushButton for an example. If I use 'background-image' the image is cropped to the size of the button and the transparency of the image is not kept. Base equivalent in stylesheets? I've opted for the table layout since it's easier to lay out the components but for some reason, the defaults settings are not applying and no fiel How do you prevent expanding outer element when adding padding?

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I am attempting generador de palabras a partir de letras online dating transform it into a stylesheet but I am running into problems.

How can I prevent Internet Explorer from adding padding to buttons when pressed? Space Buttons equally in Layout, but with an empty slot I'm trying to create a panel of buttons that will have 4 buttons, a space, and another button, all of equal space, like this: In this case, we style it as follows: The -skip part in necessary to exclude components not supported by android, so I'm completely lost to why it says that "-skip is an unknown command".

I know that Qt allows to conversion using: This is possible with the selection-background-color property and the syntax required is: The scroll bar above has been styled in aquamarine with a solid grey border.

However, if one property or sub-control is customized, all the other properties or sub-controls must be customized as well. Is it possible to have the line edit that appears when I double click the item the same size as the item itself?

Here example style sheet at the moment: In my code when focusOutEvent slot calls, this widget will be closed.

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I am altough quite confused about how I can style my tags that appear during hovering onto ea Adding "padding" to the outside of div? When writing CSS it often happens that I need to add some padding to an element. Or maybe of a certain height in pixels?

I'm using the iconCls property in the tabs to give each tab an image along with its title. I think this is because the declaration of myDatabase on line 7 is overwriting the old database.

[PyQt] Problems with stylesheets.

How do you avoid that padding to propagate to the parent element? The only method that seems to work is to set the width and height directly in the style sheet, but this makes maintaining the style sheet much more complicated than I would like. For a tab widget that looks like above, we make use of negative margins.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Qt Stylesheets Tutorial – Dave Smith's Blog

I have tried to use Spacersbut it seems like those require a specific height and weight, and I would like this layout to be dynamic enough to appear correctly on any resolution, so a fixed size Spacer would not work. In the screenshot above, we use a margin of 0.

I have a navigation bar at the top of my web page with a position of "fixed" so that it stays at the top even if I scroll down. The QToolButton has no menu.

Adding padding to the stylesheet of a QPushbutton disable animation -

I tried messing around with Automatically adding padding to images when they are floated I have a CMS that allows the user to add float: As an alternative, you could also embed the image of an arrow.

For example, what is the QPalette:: Here is an example: The idea is that these stylesheets can be in a text file so that tweaks can be made and reloaded. The only layout I have is the layout for e Adding padding to gRaphael charts? For example, we change the border to grey and the chunk to cerulean.

In addition, for platforms that support it, the opacity property may be set to adjust the opacity. In addition, you can see this stupid dotted border. I have tried to following code, but this just squishes the first 4 buttons to the top and the last one to the bottom, and doesn't space them out evenly.

I tried to test it with Qt Designer and the result is the same. Note that if one property or sub-control is customized, all the other properties or sub-controls must be customized as well.

The following user says thank you to Lykurg for this useful post:

The resulting stylesheet looks like this: I don't want then to also have to manually insert padding, so I was trying to find a way to include that by default. If anyone has any idea what could be the cause of that error, I would be thankful.

The gist of the question is, is there a good way to convert a palette to a stylesheet? Do I have to change the background color for every widget individually?


The command I use is: If I do this using 'border-image' the image is scaled to the size of the button. I tried setting a few stylesheet properties for the QWidget but then I got undesired results for widgets with borders.

Unknown command line option '-skip' I'm trying to build Qt 5. While, I came cross a problem that click a QPushbutton in this current widget will also cause focusOutEvent and button clicked signal can never be triggered any more.

Unknown command line option '-skip'. See Customizing QPushButton for an example of the usage of the menu-indicator pseudo state. In particular I want to be able to specify the image used for the button in the stylesheet and have the button scale to the size of the image.

For example, for a vertical slider: In any Webkit or Gecko browser it works perfectly, but Internet Explorer 9 adds padding to the button's text when it is pressed down.

It looks like this Changing the height or adding padding to an EXTjs ext. The grip or the handle is customized using the::