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Se gasta mucho dinero en el mercado. Stress on the vowel: As a substitute for le or les: For example "One must be politeat the meeting", or "you have to drive the posted speed limithere". MERGE exists and is an alternate of.

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Spanish isn't spoken in that town. When the indirect-object pronoun le or les is immediately followed by another pronoun that begins with an l, the le or les is changed to se, apparently as a way to avoid having two pronouns in a row beginning with the l sound.

A vezes se ven escrito maniz. Is one able to go by bus?

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Well, I don't know exactly, but a few possibilities: Benjamin Franklin got up early. In what season do you swim? Testing knowledge of seasons, perhaps? Consider it within the following expanded context. I tend to think he is awaiting something new. Would you like to merge this question into it?

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Que se celebra en el dia de los muertos? Here are the major uses of se, along with examples in sentences: One needs pot to cook it. Que paises en el mundo se habla espanol?

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Is one able to swim here? No se lo voy a dar a ellos. Grammatically, such sentences are structured in the same way that sentences using reflexive verbs are.

You may see "Habla Espanol" on an office sign, whichgenerally means that someone working there speaks Spanish the "I"is understood in the word "Habla". And, bythe way "se habla espanol".

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The"impersonal" is where we get the interpretation that the phrasemeans "Spanish is spoken". Is it the same cycle over again, or something new?

Se me olvidaron tus libros. Se dice que hay brujos que viven en la sierra. The doors are opened. As a reflexive pronoun: In some sentences, se is used in an impersonal sense with singular verbs to indicate that people in general, or no person in particular, performs the action.

Your money has run out? Pablo sees himself using the mirror. In fact, if you were to not use it you would appear to have done the action on purpose.

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Here at the Acme Company we have have an excellent representativewho will answer all of your questions about our products. He told it to him. Hay alrededor de millones de personas que hablan por lo menos dos idiomas totales en este mundo. Just as the name indicates, this construction is used for unexpected occurrences and does not place the blame on anyone.

The computer was sold. These sentences include se, an indirect object pronoun which refers to the person s involved usually as an innocent victim and the verb which is in the third person and agrees with the recipient. I forgot your books Your books were forgotten.

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As you learn Spanish, you will come across "se" used in a variety of ways. They say there are witches that live in the mountains. Can anyone translate this? The consonant [r] does not exist in English.

Both of these sentences would imply an intentional act on the subject's part. En Coyotepec se hace el barro negro. Give it to her. Another possible translation of the first sentence would be, "I broke the table on purpose. Rebecca is hurting herself by smoking.

Thus in a literal sense, a sentence such as se venden coches means "cars sell themselves.

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If you wanted to ask 'Do you speak Spanish? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. No hay ninguna manera. However, for businesses, a morecorrect phrase would be "Hablamos espanol," which means "We speakSpanish" and that the business is bi-lingual.

Pablo se ve por el espejo. It is areflexive verb that speaks about itself.