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Sus cogollos son muy compactos y cubiertos de tricomas. Sus cogollos poseen una dulce fragancia con una gruesa capa de tricomas ricos en THC por ello son bastante potentes.

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Its high production of trichomes and intense sweet and fruity aroma, with citrus tones is characteristic mainly indica plants. Large trichomes white and resinous will make it costs you concentrate. The buds are very compact and covered with trichomes.

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At their peak, buds are so thickly smothered with clear trichomes that they appear sugar-frosted or sparkling with dew-drops.

La planta da al final largos y pesados cogollos de las que gotean los tricomas.

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A strain that grows strongly, fast flowering and produces huge buds infested with trichomes. Its flowers are huge, dense and covered in trichomes. Se trata de una planta robusta, de cogollos largos, gruesos, compactos y con abundantes tricomas.

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Contains an overflowing production of trichomes on rock-hard buds and gives effect a light body that calms the mind. Es una sativa columnar que produce flores densas con poca hoja y llenas de generosos tricomas. It is a hardy plant, bud long, thick, dense and abundant trichomes.

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Las flores son compactas, de un color anaranjado y cubiertas de tricomas. But without doubt, the most prized of Big Bud is its production, gives us tremendous crops of buds full of trichomes.

Flowers are compact, orange and covered in trichomes. Suggest an example Results: Its buds have a sweet scent with a thick layer of trichomes rich in THC and are quite powerful.

The final plant develops large heavy buds dripping of the trichomes.

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If you grow indoor flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks, producing large buds infested with trichomes. A strong and spicy flavor with incredible huge presence of glandular trichomes very bright. Sus flores son enormes, densas y cubiertas de tricomas. It is a variety of large blue bud production, trichomes impregnated pervasive and intense aroma.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. This long flowering strains produces spectacular peaks laden trichomes. Cada uno ha sido seleccionado por su fuerte estructura, ramificada y de tricomas grandes y duras con incrustaciones de brillantes, llenos de cristales de THC.

Tiene una gran resistencia a plagas de insectos y a enfermedades relacionadas con hongos.

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Auto White Russian is the automatic version of one of the plants with more resin and trichomes of cannabic panorama. After 5 generations we have managed to produce strong stable and productive plants, that yield a firm amount of tasty big buds under a layer of trichomes.

It is highly resistant to insect plagues and fungal diseases. It is a columnar sativa that produces dense flowers without many leaves full of generous trichomes. Each has been selected for its strong structure, branched trichomes and large, stiff with diamonds, full of THC crystals.