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Most of his time at Avenue Malakoff was spent in the laboratory with his assistant Georges Fehrenbachwho worked for him for nearly two decades. Alfred Nobel feared death as he grew older and feared greatly of being buried alive.

The fields for which the awards can be given are physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and toward the promotion of international peace. The synthetic element nobelium was named after him.

Nobel held different patents, dynamite being the most famous.

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He never went to college but when he and his family moved to St. It was signed at the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris, in the presence of four Swedish witnesses, none of them a lawyer. Despite the fact that he was forbidden to continue his research in Paris - his favorite city - he kept his house at Dating someone alot older versions Malakoff until his death on December 10, in San Remo.

Since his youth Alfred Nobel spoke fluent French. He also didn't like the idea of being buried. During the late autumn ofAlfred Nobel spent about two months in Paris, working on his will and drawing up guidelines on how his estate should be used.

What things did Alfred Nobel invent?

Before Fame

What did Alfred Nobel do? He used the money he made to establish the Nobel Prizes. The house was sold at an auction in to Monsieur Louis-Gustave Muhlbacher.

In the prize field was extended to include economic science. Once he blew up Mongolia he felt bad because there were lots of snails that lived in Mongolia so to make up for it he started the Nobel peace prize. Why did Alfred Nobel invent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel

He had the house furnished in a manner of dignified, solid comfort with handsome reception rooms, a winter garden with green houses for orchids, and stables for his fine Russian horses that drew the carriage he used for relaxing rides through the Bois-de-Boulogne.

In the courtyard at Avenue Malakoff Nobel had a small, well equipped laboratory. Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel who first patented his invention in England on 7 May What did Alfred Nobel invent?

The new owner Monsieur Paulhiac was, like Alfred Nobel, extremely wealthy.

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But he did want to! He did this because he felt guilty for creating dynamite and killing so many people. What is the Alfred nobel religion? He invented dynamite, blasting gelatin, and other explosives made from nitroglycerin.

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However, Alfred Nobel found it necessary to find a more suitable location for his experiments and in he bought an estate with a laboratory at Sevrannortheast of Paris.

The person who introduced the Nobel prize. He invested 9 million dollars from his will into the Nobel Prize. During his Paris years he established close contact with Victor Hugo and other writers. In he left Hamburg and moved to Paris.

Nobel Media AB The Nobel Prize is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world and includes a cash prize of nearly one million dollars.

Behind the Name: Alfred Nobel

For mining and construction. He wrote letters to his brother saying that he didn't want his body buried, but burned with specific acids and the correct amounts of them.

What did Alfred Nobel fear? After thorough studies by the Nobel Foundation regarding the exact address in Paris, it appears that no. The contents of the will became his greatest "invention" - the Nobel Prize.

His famous willdated November 27,was clearly composed and written by Nobel without any assistance. He had always had a great liking for Paris, which was the lively center of international business and had all cultural activities that he had been seeking.

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Here in Alfred Nobel succeeded in creating blasting gelatine, which was an improvement on dynamite and proved to be perfect for blasting through hard rock. The primary purpose of dynamite was to provide a convenient and safe means to deliver the explosive nitroglycerin, used in mining and road construction.

Alfred Nobel worked most of his time donating and giving lectures and talking to much, he also got money from inventing dynamite. Muhlbacher's daughter, who had inherited the house from her father, sold it in He was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer.