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He's attractive and I'm sure a lot of girls from here would really like him. I couldn't eat or sleep even if I want to. You are going through the pain of separating from the object of your attachment, from this man.

Even now writing about it, I feel an old sense of betrayal rise. The scary part is that while I know its happening it still works… every single time. I don't want to force a relationship especially a marriage just because one woman I don't even know regrets something in her life and seems to think what she feels she should have done must apply to other women.

I think it is a very good thing that this relationship is now over.

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In either case, its no longer your problem, you will have to take your time, however long, to forgive him and love yourself. He's adding a lot of girls o line and maybe even meeting them. He said that I deserve more respect and that he wont give me. And you will be the one coming out so much stronger, more confident and much more attractive.

He broke all his promises please help me. He says that he doesn't miss me like losing the best girl for marrying.

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Because, I know what I should do if we get married. The problem he finds is that no girl even comes close to his experience with you. She was stuck on this idea of who her partner should be that sounded like a mix of old-fashioned fantasies and more modern feminist fantasies.

My boyfriend just broke up with me a week ago. Even after he was stressed and yelled at me I cried and after a while he called crying because he got insecure about his future when he talked to some businessmen who didn't like his idea.

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For him I was the ideal wife he loved that I always accepted and tried to understand everything even his negative side and he told me I quotes regretting dating someone new if my wife is not same as your personality we won't be together.

At some point I will be ready to date again, however it is not now. He will always be contended in life while I will starve if we get married.

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I promised that i will leave his life if ever he brings another girl. I don't understand why it was too easy for him I knew he loved me a lot then suddenly it was so cold and he left so easy.

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I was also hospitalized for more than two weeks following the ordeal. We welcome inquiries from everyone into the mysteries of the feminine. Matt, I completely agree with the twisted concept of masculinity in the society.

IF you are looking for really sad or depressing quotes then you must see the pictures given below.

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I honestly thought our relationship meant something to him. We met when he studied in my country for 4 months and we met on the first month coincidentally and I immediately felt an attraction to him.

Do you think that if it is meant to happen you will get that job you want without even applying? He cut me off on everything.

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Yes, from the outside it may have looked like I was having the time of my life, but remember, looks can be deceiving and all that glitters is not gold. He always tells me that I'm the best but I'm annoying sometimes. I felt so depressed I loved this guy so much and did everything I could the only problem was that he said it's my personality but honestly I always try to lower my pride when we fight.

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Sadness ruins life everyone have a freedom to live happy but in some moments of life people become sad and want loneliness so these quotes are the partner of your loneliness.

I have gave up whatsapp, facebook and soon. He's the one who initiates these conversations. I don't know what I'm going to do without him.

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Then he deleted all our pictures and still blocked me. Literally 3 days after the break up he was talkin about girls and tellin them to hit him up and basically being a hoe. We traveled a lot and spent a lot of time. Some men will refuse to believe that they made a mistake by leaving you.

Hi Bee, Check this one: February 5, at 8: I was shattered at the very thought of him with another woman.

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Then we should also talk about our future plans about getting our own place and dog and eventually have a family and kids.

What more could I say but filled with tears I have learnt to hide them from my children. As has been mentioned before, don't allow his actions to affect or define how you reflect and feel about your relationship. There are a few pages from the book that made think of this as the first question to ask Meanwhile, Andy and I became friends.

From your two posts, it is clear that you and your ex boyfriend had too many fights, way too many. If this world were to cave in tomorrow, all the people look back on all the pleasures, excitements but we have been lucky enough to have had.

Then he left and told me he'll be back by Sunday again and even left some stuff. The next day we were totally fine. I too left a relationship and then to mask the pain of loneliness, I quickly jumped into another relationship.

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I thought I was pushy so we talked and decided that we should start from the scratch as friends. Its been 4 months, I still cry occasionally and not a day goes by when I don't think about her, but I have accepted the fact that it is OKAY for me to take my time as this is how time heals things.

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It really is not necessary. I want you to imagine that in every relationship you get into with a man you are going to be given a number between 1 and To spend time trying to change that, well, it's like chasing clouds.

He was so workaholic. That was important to him so I wonder why he's so bitter.