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Kelly] Hands down you the best, ain't no competition You and me in this bed, just what I was wishin' Them other girls was cool but it's something they was missin' And I don't call them back every since we hit it in the kitchen That night, at my home, trench coat, nothin' on Your sex, got me gone, went straight, to my dome And I love it woooogirl I love it woooo Ooh I love it woooogirl I love it woooo Girl it's something about you that thrills me That's why after we lay you get to know the real me-e-e-yeah And it don't stop you keep going from the night onto the day And I love it when you take me down and make r kelly dating keri hilson hair sayyyyy [Hook] N-N-Number one Sex, that we're, having, here, girl, ooh This is, this is number one Sex, that we're, having, here, girl, ooh [Outro: Like these musicians with their contracts.

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I guess it was inevitable How old was the kid? We cant make it off my salary alone. Keri looks like she had work done on her face. The Beyhive has stung her enough. Prayers indeed puppylove Hi sweetie.

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My husband makes triple what I make. I'll make you forget about your ex ex, ex, ex You know you stay at the top spot When you're breaking me down like a chop shop, eh Cutting like some blades on a caddy, that's how you're working me, daddy Everytime you put that on You are now rocking with the best best, best, best Kelly] Girl I vow that I would do anything to pleasure you All I wanna do is make this last I'll kiss you up, I kiss you down, be real quiet, or making sounds Take it slow or take it fast And a-woooo, and a-weeee.

Why do that to other folks who have no fight in your issue? This pisses me off. Are we there yet Its a trend that I hate.

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This one here's a race where you don't wanna come first I know what I'm doing ain't no need to rehearse yeah-ee-yeah A lot of dudes just be going nowhere fast But you be steady cruising like you want it to last That's how you made me a chocoholic, and right now my body's callin' I gotta know how you got the knowhow, baby you the champ of all that goes down If your dick was a gun it would stone cold?

What happened to freedom of speech? If they freeze federal contracts, funds wont be allocated to them. PettyEyezPrime This breaks my heart.

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Evilpeoplearetheweakest He also made the national park shutdown their Twitter after they posted pictures comparing the inagurarion. I mean I want to leave, but not on these conditions. How do you MAKE them pay for a wall.

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Justlooknout Kelly Stewart ponytail…afro bun. What are they hiding?

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Prayers up Chardonnai We are probably seriously gonna have to leave the state. How have you been?

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Why make them witness something so vile and horrible. Just heard about a teen and an actor. Guest who They all look pretty that said: