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Did you run the delete pipes in between the stock exhaust or get a full kit? I see you have the push to start.

I am right there with you!

Cummins Raceme Ultra Tuner Install | How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

I just got a 4 inch replacement. No more light on the dash! All the people i know do it beforejust curious! My kit is arriving tomorrow.

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Hi, in case people don't know yet, Raceme recently came out with an update to set TPMS pressures to whatever threshold you want. Just installed the tuner and exhaust finally runs right and sounds good.

Raceme with Flo-Prp 5" turbo back. Each handheld programmer is easy to use and hooks up to your vehicle right underneath the dashboard on the driver's side. In addition, your programmer can quickly and conveniently recalibrate your truck's speedometer for you to ensure you get the proper reading whenever you look at your dashboard.

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I call Raceme Canada and they highly recommended unplugging the throttle connector because the ecm could possibly actuate the valve on a test and cause a rough idle. All you have to do is plug it in and watch it work. Do you have any tips on install? You never have to worry about knowing specific codes or programming as the Cummins programmer handles everything for you.

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Your Cummins diesel programmer adds up to 95 horsepower and a whopping pounds of torque per foot. Edge Programmer About Cummins Programmer Your truck is everything that you could have asked for, but of course, it can always handle more power and really become a beast on the road.

The programmer allows you to quickly scan your vehicle for any problems with the engine, transmission, ABS system, or airbag system. New to delete world are you not suppose to remove exhaust or egr before installing?

So if you have that version on your programmer you are up to date. Thanks for the help. No more long trips to the Dodge dealer for them to not fix anything!

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I just installed mine full deletes and it's doing that same thing Is it where you keep your foot off of the brake and push the button? My tuner is on the way and I was wondering when you have to cycle the "key" how do you do that with the push to start?

Enhance the power under the hood of your truck today. A Cummins programmer is the perfect tool for any truck enthusiast who wants to beef up their truck without paying too much money.

I just ordered the same tuner. There is a large selection of Cummins programmers available for you to choose from on eBay.