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It would be interesting to explore. Do you have an idea for your first three words after sex for your next tweet? But the best thing to do at the beach is READ! So you write down the most flattering or the most horrible or bizarre or exciting first three words that you say just after you had sex and the stuff that they come up with is just hilarious.

What happened?

And I just started reading Coralineactually. You and I are both so into fantasy! What is your favorite trending topic on twitter? Absolutely not, they keep it very very quiet!

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Innocence versus experience, metaphysical themes, religious themes. We decided to switch it up this time and begin with Intern Questions. Yeah, people go to the beach. And, so I just finished Lord of the Flies for the first time — Nicole: I loved that book!

What Are Your Favorite Books? I thought he was married?

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Question 1 — Is Nicole as high maintenance as her character, Aster? Just not a twitter person. But everyone freaked out when they broke up, like it was the end of the world.

But you can meld them now! I need to read that!

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It was terrifying; it was absolutely terrifying. Aster is high maintenance? Three would be really hard. I end up loving most books that I read. Do you know what [the writers] have up their sleeves?

Every time I say Hi to you [Nicole], in a context outside of the show, and we hug, I have this instinct to like — kiss you!

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The hash tags — Nicole: I doubled in English. I live on the internet, is the problem … Did you go to school for English?

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Well, I guess she can be a little dramatic. I know that [writer] Susan likes that idea, too. Alright, you did your duty. I am a computer person!

They are very photogenic and we all agree a prom episode should happen next season. Well I … live in a cave. I have no idea … We had no idea what happened in the last episode until pretty much a week before we shot it. Um yeah it was! Reading it is an amazing life experience.


I know you went for acting — Rachael: Are you not a computer person, Nicole? Do you agree, Rachael? It would add a whole other layer to it.

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Do you do twitter? Do you have any thoughts on that?

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I keep thinking of 4 and 5 words! What do you do in the summers anyhow, right? Oh my God, both of us are such nerds!