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The numerical colonel become militant and has skin copper.

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To make the statue, Nyoman Nuarta get copper tons from PLN, 60 tons from Telecommunication Departments, and a number of ex- bullet exuviate coppers. The statue is mentioned as the second highest in world after Liberty Statue, 85 meters, is reside in New York port mouth.

The building consisted of concrete building domed four floors 30 meters that taken as copper statue fulcrums as high as 30 meters.

Besides, it also expected the establishment of this monument can add the glorious of Ujung Surabaya that mean add to respect Surabaya as the heroic city and Indarmadi Industry, Commerce, Maritime and Education. In the event of the next Indonesia Maritime Army history performance, Ujung has vital importance role, that is the basis Base Home the biggest Indonesia Maritime Army war ships hitherto, so that not too joke when some of publics named Surabaya town as seaman town or Navy town.

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There is giant gong Kyai Tentrem under the monument, which has 6 meters diameter and heavy more than 2 tons. The other meaning of this statue figure is as the readiness symbol to receive the devotion from generation to the next generation.

It is countless the sacrifice, which they have rendered.

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This monument is a statue as high as 30,6 meters, which sustained by a building as high as 30 meters. Nyoman prints the statue body in his workshop in Bandung in module cuttings form. At part of this building wall is made the history of maritime combatants warrior diorama TNI AL since revolution physical era until an year.

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An endowment of high history value, as the reflection of the highness of Indonesian nation as the maritime nation one. The colonel eyes stare to the wide sea. After it had complete, then it brought to Surabaya and matches each other.

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From many kind of hero and meritorious that have been doyen in blazing the way, uphold and fill independence of nation and NKRI, included in it of the warriors from the Indonesia Maritime Army. Besides as appreciation sign and souvenir from generation of router that still alive, it is also expected able to give a motivation to continue their struggle towards reaching of aspiration of Navy which great, powerful and Professional in place of NKRI which prosperous and fair.

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Only partly small from they which we recognize and his name have been immortalized to become name of Republic of Indonesia Battleships.

His right hand is akimbo and his left hand holding a commando sword.

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Mean, "The Big nation is the nation which able to esteem the merit of it hero ". This monument is built since and opened in December that is jousting with the Republic of Indonesia Armada day on 5 Decembers by President Soeharto, with expense of Rp.

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This statue depict a Commandant of Indonesian Maritime Army complete with his honor sword upstanding to stare towards the sea fully confidence and seriousness ready to dash against the wave and go through storm, which have shown, that is the aspiration of Indonesian nation.

Even they gave their soul. Why looking into the sea? At the base orbicular building floor, there is Kyai Tentrem gong.