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As such, Radio Tirana kept close to the official policy of the People's Radio top iliria online dating of Chinawhich was also both anti-West and anti-Soviet whilst still being socialist in tone.

It is observed that in the news program, reports containing music concerts and papal activities, or even regular commercial spots were jammed. Other impressive programs included 12 vallzime pa nje te shtune, Miss Albania, and musical productions from Leonard Bombaj.

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Good day, this is Radio Tirana. Post-Communist Era[ edit ] Experiments and brain drain[ edit ] RTSH has dominated gazet van antwerpen vandaag online dating Albanian broadcasting field up to the mids, a period when privately owned radio and TV stations started to occupy the vast empty Albanian frequencies resulting in a gradual brain-drain.

Init broadcast only 2. Foreign relays and times of war[ edit ] Inin Albania, educational institutions were temporarily shut down due to the civil unrest. Censorship of foreign broadcasts[ edit ] Mount Dajt overlooking Tirana.

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As such, a number of Western radio and TV broadcasters lease the sites to broadcast their own feeds since the s.

Peculiar productions[ edit ] TVSH is known for producing high quality documentaries on Albanian national heritage topics such as important personalities, surveys of Albanian historic regions and geographic landscapes.

This officially marked the first broadcast of Radio Tirana. The official launch was set for 1 May RTSH transmitters are mounted on the highest peak at the altitude of meters. Despite the brain-drain, the institution has held a leader's position in the production of programs pertaining to civics, education and science.

It opened at Radio Tirana as a cultural icon[ edit ] Radio Tirana is widely seen as a symbol representing Albanian culture in the world.

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After the fall of the communist system, Albania's TV frequencies started to be filled by a variety of Western broadcasters: RTSH owns and operates a vast number of transmitter sites throughout the country such as the Fushe Dajt and Dajt m stations at Mount Dajt in the periphery of Tirana.

The Theater on the Screen segment features theater performances of past years both in the drama and comedy genres. A similar ideological battle took place on the television spectrum.

As a result, RTSH broadcast instructional programs for the barricaded youth, that made for a substitute to regular instruction.

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Polish Communist Kazimierz Mijal broadcast his radical opinions in Polish Furthermore, it served as a venue on which emerging Albanian artists first showcased their talents later becoming icons. Radio Tirana also presented irregular programs of revolutionary music from around the world, while the programme What We Saw in Socialist Albania offered interviews with foreign visitors to Albania.

During the last months of the socialist era, overtly political programming was drastically scaled down, and the long-established practice of playing " The Internationale " at the end of each broadcast was abandoned.

Following the break with China, programming still remained Marxist-Leninist in nature. In addition, American actor of Albanian descent James Belushi offered his salutations to the Albanian people from the United States in the program through an exclusive interview.

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The first broadcast consisted of choral singingwhere Jorgji Truja and Marije Kraja sang an introductory piece, followed by the unique timbre of Kaliopi Nushi's voice who pronounced the following phrase: The second channel, TVSH 2, began experimental broadcasts in Inthe practice was partially discontinued as Parliament passed a law outlining protective measures for the Albanian broadcasting industry.

The first test programme was held on 29 Aprilat 6: The station served as the first academy of Albanian literal language as in its archive can be found interesting historical artifacts such as a speech made by Fan Stilian Noli or the voice of Albanian arts' ambassador, Alexander Moissi.

Political programming predominated during this period. Another typical TVSH production is the Green Space Hapesire e Blerte agricultural show, a long lasting programme entirely dedicated to the Albanian agricultural scene and countryside.

Later, init broadcast each day for 4 hours, from As time passed, the signal was strengthened by RTSH at Mount Dajti transmitter site only to broadcast the day's main news bulletin TG1films, and children's programmes.

RTSH is known also for the vast number of shows for children and adolescents produced each year.

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This song also served as the signature tune of Radio Tirana's foreign language broadcasts. During the s, RAI was received in Tirana in decent quality. Through its educational, cultural, and informative programs broadcast nationally and internationally, Radio Tirana has played a major role in the transmission of Albanian people's cultural values.

They took temporal refuge in RTSH by anchoring specific news bulletins on their region's situation. A similar phenomenon occurred with RTV Titograd's frequencies. During Albania's alliance with China in the s and s, Radio Tirana had to walk a fine line between being anti- West whilst also being anti- Soviet.

Inseveral digital only channels were launched under the RTSH logo.

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Lured by higher wages and not only, numerous experienced journalists and employees left RTSH for the new media outlets. The pickaxe and rifle were part of the logo of Albanian Radio-Television during this period, and can be seen in the above photograph. In66 hours of programmes were broadcast in 20 foreign languages every day.

In TVSH ranked second with an audience share of Its programmes had a reputation for being little more than dull propaganda. Most of the programming during the communist era consisted of propaganda and news programs.