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The scientists from the Carnegie Museum who provided the samples and the scientists from the University of Arizona who analyzed and dated the specimens all now agree that the radiocarbon dates on the Carnegie s dinosaur fossils are garbage.

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The natural path from simple cosmic molecules to cells, from chemistry to biology, remains undiscovered. Additionally, their blood pressure would be way too high to be able to live. During most of our interchange, I was not aware that it would be published on talk.

Inspection of the femur cross section in Fig. All in all the lab stands on these dates for the Julsrud material, whatever badoo flirtiest countries flags means in terms of archeological dating in Mexico, or in terms of 'fakes verse's authentic' pieces.

But even if contamination wasn t a problem, is there well-preserved dinosaur organic matter in the fossils?

It is like drawing a picture of an imaginary creature that you think might be able to exist and then trying to find the imaginary creature in real life.

"I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken."

This does not mean that these specimens are uncontaminated by recent carbon or that they might be suitable for radiocarbon dating. Absolute reference is the key factor.

The Masca lab had obtained thermoluminescent dates of up to 2, B. Harold examined at length the current state of origin-of-life research in a chapter titled "Ultimate Riddle - Origin of Cellular Life" in his book "In Search of Cell History: No one today knows exactly what this black resin consists of, but it is completely impervious to the solvents used by modem curators who have tried to remove it.

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Young, Dr Rainey said: At 13 tons, a Mamenchisaurus, similar to a Brontosaurus, would have to have eaten 1, pounds of vegetation per day. Carbon dating at this facility is certainly the very best. Oppenheimer, wrote a ringing endorsement of Armitage in a letter of recommendation.

Since an elephant can't survive without eating 18 hours per day every day, and a Brontosaurus was supposedly 5 to 10 times larger than an elephant, then a brontosaurus would have to eat for around 90 to hours per day.

Dinosaur Bone Carbon Dating

No shellac or other preservative was on any of them. All plants and animals have a regular intake of carbon while they are alive. Senior research scientist Alexander Cherkinsky specializes in the preparation of samples for Carbon testing.

Suddenly he spotted some partially exposed hewn stones and a ceramic object half buried in the dirt.

Carbon 14 dating dinosaur bones

G Lockley, pp Cambridge: We have found un-mineralized dinosaur bones. InArthur Young submitted two of the figurines to Dr.

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Subsequently, several of the bone fragments were submitted to the University of Arizona s Laboratory of Isotope Geochemistry for radiocarbon dating. Now consider that the reason we don't see any is because at one point the Earth was hit by a giant asteroid that obliterated the Earth and caused all dinosaurs to become extinct simultaneously.

The radiocarbon stopwatch buzzes round at a great rate, so fast that, after some thousands of years, its spring is almost wound down and the watch is no longer reliable.

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But no references to dinosaurs. They were similar to radiocarbon dates for ice-age megafauna such as Siberian mammoths, saber tooth tigers of the Los Angeles LaBrea Tarpits, sloth dung, and giant bison.

Radiocarbon dating just helps us zero in on a more precise estimate. Anytime anyone refuses to even consider a contrary view to the popularly-held beliefs, you should highly question that view having any validity whatsoever, even more than other views. The program entitled "Did the Ancients See Dinosaurs?

Anyone who knows anything about physics can tell you that such a notion is pure fiction. It almost makes you wonder if someone is sitting in an office someone with a sinister look on his face and tapping the tips of his fingers together like a mad scientist, thinking, "heh heh hehhh More soft tissue A remarkable find was published in the journal Nature in April Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

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They knew the dates would be meaningless, but they also knew they would appear recent. Call BS all you want. Various bones have been found that have been claimed to be a part of a dinosaur.

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Carbonization of ancient organisms is a rare but well-documented form of fossilization. If anyone attempts to present scientific evidence contrary to the popularly held view, it is immediately dismissed as "conspiracy theory" or a "crazy religionist".

The scientific method dictates that in order to assume a valid scientific notion, it must first be discovered, and only then create the theories based only on the scientific fact.