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That is why these rumors have no credibility. Girlfriend Jaein Since Kim Jaejoong is currently serving his mandatory military service, there are few rumors about his love life.

Catch the trailer and it's airing: His fans assume that Kim Jae joong is such a playboy. The rumor is that the two are dating! The video is just below. It will feature three of their top K-Pop male groups: A lot of answers needed.

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Currently, he sings, composes and write songs. Here are the videos: He had been rainbow jae kyung dating divas member of TVXQ until He also said that his older sister had told him not to hurry marriage because his life was not for his parents, but for himself.

Ex Girlfriend Kim Jaejoong has never talked about his former girlfriends, he had been dating with a girl her name starts with M before he entered SM Entertainment.

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His Ideal type of woman Kim Jaejoong once talked about his ideal type of love in an interview. He says he likes someone who has beauty from within; who is younger than he is, who has long wavy brown hair, who has long fingers, who has beautiful mind, and who loves him forever and never leaves him alone.

He is one of the most talented artist in South Korea.

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While, he used to talk about marriage in that he wanted to get married as soon as possible because his parents were old. However,if they are really dating and they are both single, there's nothing to hide about.

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Then she deleted more than pictures and messages with him after the rumor had spread out. What happened to the picture?

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Jaein is a popular model in South Korea, but not much information about her is found, and she had been sending him messages through Instagram or Twitter, and vice versa.

It is not sure because he has been serving mandatory military service since March in He talked about it to the Japanese press. Was the picture deleted to cover up the 'slip of tongue'?

Then he started his career as a member of JYJ.

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He prefers walking hand in hand in Shibuya, enjoying shopping at the department store, and so on. He is going to spend his first month with basic training and then almost two years of his life as a public worker.

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Was that a slip of tongue? Was it deleted intentionally or not? Enlistment of Korean men to have their military service is a normal thing in South Korea, but one thing is not normal in this story. He continued that it might make his parents feel so sad.

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He is a singer, songwriter, actor and model. Some of them had already got married. Second is in Thailand, Jay Joonhyung Kim posted a photo on his instagram with Hyoyeon and his other friends. There are couple of 'evidences' that will solidify the rumor.

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How he thinks about marriage Kim Jaejoong once talked about his ideal marriage in an interview. With this caption and I quote, "My Best Buddies. Who's that 'friend of mine' dating with Hyoyeon?

But if privacy is their concern I reiterate, if they are really datingeveryone deserves that right to privacy. The truth will be unveiled when Kim Jaejoong finishes his mandatory military service.

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