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Randall previously dabbled with all-valve designs back in the eighties, but in it decided to jump back head-first into the valve market with the introduction of the flagship MTS modular preamp range, designed by amp guru Bruce Egnater.

Lots of power, the chorus and reverb sound RGSC Review Randall Guitar Amplifiers … This guitar amp stands alone at this price with watts pushing two 12" Celestions to deliver full, powerful tone.


Wide range of 'Plexi'-inspired tones. Randall rgsc guitar amplifier - Gumtree Randall rgsc Guitar amplifier watt Barely used in perfect condition, with foot switch Pickup frommarulan or meet at Campbelltown, Randall Amp Guitar for All If you didn't already know, you can find the largest collection of Randall Amp and accessories on Most guitarists confronted by a dual input amp like this always plug into the high sensitivity jack, but the Randall delivers its best tones when you use the one that's most appropriate to your guitar.

The board holding the valve bases sits in a central sub-chassis and is through-plated to improve reliability, while the other PCBs are single-sided and support front and rear controls. Image 1 of 4 The brushed dark chrome finish is a good look. Randall WH40 dimebag guitar combo amp Warhead 40 watt.

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Any suggestion on what the issues could be? Using the level control, you can push this into a very cool chiming overdrive - ideal for big strummed chords. There are separate high and low sensitivity input jacks, an overall master volume and a reverb level control.

The Randall Vmax dual pre-amp guitar head has more features Though, the amp is in my bedroom gathering dust, and taking up space, so it doesn't really get any use. Channels Both of the Randall's two channels have independent three-band EQ controls.

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Get a low price and free The plywood cabinet is stout and neatly finished. With regard to its price, this is a well-made, great sounding amp that suits a wide range of styles, especially favouring Brit-influenced classic rock and blues.

While a single loudspeaker isn't going to deliver the same sound pressure levels as a 4 x 12, there's still plenty of dynamic punch to get your point across to the audience. That fashionable scooped effect isn't as precisely defined as it is on Randall's solid-state amps, but you can come pretty close with the mid control at zero and bass and treble set to around eight or nine.

I have never put the gain up louder than 2 notches.

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It does it if the guitar is not plugged in, although when the guitar IS plugged in, I think the amp itself generates electrical noise that my guitar picks up, and the hum is only more intense. From beginners looking for their first real all-valve amp, to serious players after a reliable workhorse with the range to go from pop to blues or classic rock to all-out shred, Randall's RG50TC can't be beaten.

The clean channel incorporates a gain level control with a switchable boost feature, while the lead channel has two alternate gain stages offering different overdrive levels, each with its own gain knob. This guitar amp stands alone at this price Clean and Overdrive channels can be selected with a simple push of the With anything volume related channel volumes and master volume turned down to 0, the noise is there, taunting me!

What's more impressive though, is how easily gain one creates some very authentic 'Plexi'-inspired classic rock sounds, while gain two delivers modern, ultra-high gain stuff that works equally well for melodic ballad solos or shredding. Randall RG50TC 1 x 12 combo The Randall name is synonymous with solid-state amps delivering bone-crunching metal mayhem for bands like Anthrax and Disturbed, not to mention the late Dimebag Darrell with his signature Warhead X2.

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The RG50's overall finish exudes a tough, no-nonsense attitude and the attention to detail inspires confidence: It annoys me though, that I can't switch it off!

After moving the amp around a few times and after the final trip back to my house, the problem fixed itself and I haven't experienced the volume drop again since then. A master reverb and built in stereo chorus will We like the way the black steel grille on the rear is rebated into the lower baffle, damped with felt to stop it rattling.

Get a low price and It duplicates all the front panel switches and also toggles the reverb on or off. Varying the overdrive with the level control to dial in the right balance between aggression and clarity is very easy with either of our test guitars, while the single Celestion loudspeaker manages to deliver a decent amount of low-end response.


All the noise takes out the fun of using the amp, and thus I haven't really used it in years. Randall AmplifiersRandall Amplifiers Randall is an industry leader in guitar amplifiers, cabinets, combos and pedals. Thanks in advance for any help, everything is appreciated 0.

The clean channel is bright and zingy, but without the kind of treble response that loosens fillings in your teeth.