7 Haunted Places in Bangalore and Their Real Ghost Stories! 7 Haunted Places in Bangalore and Their Real Ghost Stories!

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The worst part was - the house my cousin looked into was abandoned 6 years agoand the old lady had died long back. By infrastructure, It is a haunted mansion with 8 interconnected roomsone leads to another.

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Scary Basement Ghost Date Added: Some people have niekados nepasiduok online dating a scary unclear figure of a man which is reported to be a ghost wandering in this cemetery. During night one feel the unidentified presence around themselves that makes them uneasy and bring shiver down their spines.

The haunted house, Bangalore Source 6. The Bangalore International Airport: Haunted places in Bangalore - St. As my mother always told me never to look behind, I disobeyed and did.

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It belonged to two Anglo-Indian spinster sisters, Vera Vaz, 80 and her younger sister Dolce Vaz, 75 who was murdered in this house in front of her sister by an unknown assailant, it is said that she was buried in the house itself which now stands deserted as nobody wants to live here or buy this property.

The story goes that a young woman who worked at the call-centre was killed in a drunk and driving case. A ghost girl dressed in all white from the Nallamala Forest located in India has been spotted by villagers multiple times.

As I began to walk faster, the tinkle of anklets was heard and as I ran it became prominent to the ears.

Terra Vera, St Marks Road

Marks road - Most haunted place in Bangalore Situated on st. These true stories of people living in Bangalore have come across another being in their midst and their experience was no fun.

One fine morning of September 4, Dolce Vaz was stabbed to death in front of her sister Vera Vaz by an unknown assassin. An ever hungry ghost is lurking around here, so keep your food safe if you ever decide to make a trip here.

Real ghost shot on cctv footage in bangalore

Tuesday, October 21, Someone at the door? However last night my sister suddenly woke to a scream only she heard.

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Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Source 3. The unease felt at the cemetery will make your hair stand up. From the official website of supernaturalmonitor.

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You may also want to try one of the following. Wingate Hotel Poltergeist Date Added: Paranormal investigators once tried to peep into this mansion and what they found was terrible and spooky. Despite being an ultra modern and techno loaded city, you would be wonder to know that there are several haunted places in Bangalore that are mysteriously fearsome and give you hair rising experience.

At night, people have reported feeling an eerie presence around them. Being a house of spirits, is obvious that there exists restless souls and sleeping entities out such places.

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John cemetery Next on the list of haunted places in Bangalore is kalpalli cemetery a. The surprise got better when she re-appeared and started laughing hysterically.

Whether true or not, these stories have added a spooky dimension to this rather unusual place to be haunted by a ghost otherwise.

There have also been rumours of a headless ghost being sighted near the escalators of BIAL. At first, he thought her to be a woman who lost her way on airport, he asked a ground stuff to help her finding her way.

The NH 4 Source P. The ground staff went in deep shock and got conscious after a few hours. The other sister eventually moved out and the house due to some property issues. No one walking behind neither beside me left me feeling creepy.

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If you are gutsy, you would surely like to visit few of these top haunted places in Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the most beautiful places in India which also welcomes a number of other negative beings. On reaching my house situated near a railway track, my mother stood at the door waiting to bless the front door.

People who have visited this place during the night have also confirmed feeling some unidentified presence around themselves making them anxious and uneasy.