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Rebekah and stefan hook up, to unlock your pixiz blocker, it is very simple:

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RebekahKlaus's sister. Let us know in the comments below! The others continue with their plan, although Elena wants to save Damon. Alone in a room in the house, Elena collapses, bleeding from the nose.

July 25, - 6 years ago Season 3 is mostly centered on the love triangle of the main trio and also the original vampire family.

He's also jealous over the drawing of Klaus's that he finds in Caroline's room.

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Damon promises to leave Finn out of it but Sage knows he's lying and goes to Rebekah, and they burn the wood. If your here to remind me of our last place status, I'm very well aware.

Alaric, appearing as a ghost, says goodbye to Jeremy, and he also realizes that this means Elena is dead.

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They are later captured by the Council and are held prisoners. Stefan realizes she's into Tyler now jjoo online dating says, "That's kind of fickle.

Consider me jealous," pushing a crowbar into Stefan's chest. The only difference this time is that there are no feelings involved as opposed to when they were dating in the 's.

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The two of them have been getting closer despite his relationship with Bonnie. You can never be too cautious when it comes to love. Do you regret it? Elena is then taken to the hospital and Klaus has a lot of her blood drawn because that's what it takes to make a hybrid, which is revealed when Tyler successfully completes the transition.

THIS is going to be good. Alaric attacks Damon and he doesn't bother fighting back.

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The all mighty powerful Bonnie Kat Graham. Just say the word and I'll make you and all that misery you've caused him disappear. Stefan realizes that if an Original is killed, all vampires linked to them will die as well.

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Klaus goes to get Elena so that he can leave as well but she's gone by the time he gets there, and he's obviously not invited in. They attack Klaus and he seems genuinely frightened.

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Apparently a group of Silas worshippers once told him his resurrection would bring forth the end of time and for an immortal this is just no good.

With the help of Rebekah, they put the story together. During senior prank night, Klaus kills Tyler Lockwood as motivation for Bonnie Bennett to figure out how to create hybrids, since his method isn't working.

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However, they soon learn that the final one is missing. She relays the information to Damon and he finds out that the white oak wood was used for Wickory Bridge and some is being used to rebuild it.

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Unfortunately, they already do know that Tyler is linked to Klaus, so if no one else is, chances are, they'll still want to kill Klaus. The cure is buried with Silas, that ancient, evil guy my brother Kol is afraid of.

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You and I are the only ones left with nothing. Soon, Elijah finds out the truth about Esther's plan and uses Elena as leverage. Stefan grabs the coffins Klaus has been carrying around with him, coffins that hold his siblings inside.