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The editor of one of the best neo-avant-garde magazines "Doc k s" Sarencovisual poet, performer, anthologist, founder and editor of the Italian neo-avant-garde magazine "Lotta Poetica" Eugenio Miccinione of the most prominent Italian visual poets flirt cosmetics australian theoretician of neo-avant-garde Richard Kostelanetzvisual poet, theoretician of neo-avant-garde, anthologist, editor of the "Assembling" Guillermo DeislerChilean visual poet, critic and anthologist Bob CobbingEnglish concrete poet and theoretician of sound poetry Eugen Gomringerconcrete poet and theoretician, one of the founders of concrete poetry Pierre Garnierconcrete poet and theoretician, founder of French spatialismthe space poetry Keiichi NakamuraJapanese visual and mail-artist.

The orbits of signalism, ; M. The members were poets, painters, historians of art, scientists and designers. In some researches they use computers as a creative instrument.

Signalist Poetry and Concrete, visual and signalist poetry Twenty monographs have also been published on the same subject. Revolutionizing of the poetic language started with the introduction of the symbols, formulas and linguistic forms of the "hard" sciences physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry and astronomy.

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Nine issues of "Signal" appeared between andpresenting a number of domestic and international artists, as well as printing bibliographical data about the avant-garde publications all around the world. Born earlier, at the end of the sixties, it was formed especially by the merit of Belgrade signalist group headed by the poet International dating site for serious relationship Todorovic.

Signalism after three decades, Stremljenja,; Signalism, Gradina, 5, His main belief was that there can be no significant leap forward in poetry without revolutionizing its main medium — the language.

Five signalist exhibitions were held Milan ; Zagreb ; Belgrade ; ; Odzaci The poetical principles of S. Signalism made significant advances in prose experimental novel and short story.

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Boat, spoon,M. Its beginnings are being linked with the yearwhen the founder and theorist of this movement M. The movement was significantly boosted by the international magazine "Signal"inaugurated in Signalist poetry can be divided into two main forms: The founder and theoretician of the movement is Miroljub Todorovic.

The journal Signal was published in nine issues in period ; in it, besides the supplements of domestic and foreign artists, also bibliographic data about the experimental publications in the world were published.

The revolutioning of the poetry language was begun by its scientiation - by entering symbols, formulas, lexemes and qreater lingual statements from exact sciences physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry, astrophysics and by visualisation of text graphical disassembling of words, sintagms and statements into syllables and letters as signs and their spreading on the space of a page; entering non - verbal signs in text, like drawings, graphs, photographs and other elements that are being collagedso that the first phase of S.

From to another 21 issues of "Signal" appeared. Besides experiments in the verbal domain in literature, it insists on introducing visual. Klaus Peter Denckervisual poet and theoretician who put together one of the cult anthologies of visual poetry "Text-Bilder" Ruggero MaggiItalian visual poet, painter and mail-artist Daniel DaligandFrench visual poet, mail-artist and critic.

The voice of the movement was the review Signal. In signalist artists organized an exhibition of their works in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, and had a few exhibitions abroad.

Roshulj Typosignalist variations,S.

Shaping the Pain: Ancient Greek Lament and Its Therapeutic Aspect∗

He is also the editor of the journal Signal. Clemente Padinvisual poet and theoretician, wrote about "Signalism" numerous times, editor of the neo-avant-garde magazine "Ovum 10" in Uruguay Julien Blainevisual poet, performer, mail and conceptual artist. In visual art strides are made in body artmail art[11] performance and conceptual art.

Augusto de Camposone of the initiators of the concrete poetry. Cybernetic methods were emphasized in this second period, and then a stronger development of visual poetry occurred. The new release of "Signal" revitalized the Signalist movement and brought an army of young artists into the movement in 21st century.

In its program "Manifesto" and other guiding texts [8] as well as in its art pieces, Signalism made a clean break from the principles of neoromantism and late symbolism still governing Serbian literature. Three manifestos helped define Signalism as a neo-avant-garde movement that negates literal, artistic and cultural heritage, poetic and aesthetic conventions and canonical ways of creativity by insisting on creative experimentation — "Manifesto of scientific poetry""Signalist manifesto Regulae poesis " and "Signalism" Important international contributors of the "Signal" magazine[ edit ] Raoul Hausmanndadaist, the founder of Berlin Dada in Verbal poetry consists of scientist, aleatoric randomstochastic, technological, phenomenological, slang and apeironistic poetry.

The manifest of poetical science,The manifest of Signalism Requlae Poesis, and Signalism,as well as the starting of the journal Signal From until magazine could not be published, mainly for financial reasons.

Kornhauser, Sygnalizm - Propozycja serbskiej poezji eksperymentalnej, ; Signalism - an experimental creative movement, coll.

Adriano SpatolaItalian poet, editor of the experimental poetry magazine "Tam Tam". The manifestos of signalism were published in, In their for decade long research and creative pursuit that followed, Signalists significantly expanded cognitive boundaries and genre profile of modern Serbian poetry.

There is also a number of significant Signalist children literature accomplishments. The program of the journal is the recognition of signalist ideas in literature and art in general.

Following yugoslav artists took part in the movement: Its goal was set to radically change poetry both through content and form, and make it compatible with the contemporary times.

Besides the founder M. In the program texts manifests and other texts of special purpose and in concrete art works of S. It has achieved greater zeal in when Manifesto of Poetical Sciences was published, in when Regulae Poesis Manifesto of Signalism appeared and in when the Third Manifesto of Signalism was published.

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To the constitutioning of S. The works of our S. The founder and theoretician of Signalism is Serbian poet Miroljub Todorovic. Furthermore, the language was made visual by dispersing words and sentences into syllables and letters forming visually recognizable patterns, [9] as well as by introducing non-verbal symbols into the text drawings, photographs, graphs… for the purpose of creating a collage of verbal and visual elements.

The members of the movement published the review Signal - and established Signalist Documentation Centre in Belgrade. Non-verbal poetry subtypes include visual, object, sound and gestual poetry. Michele Perfettimail-artist, critic and theoretician of neo-avant-garde, wrote about Signalism on numerous occasions.

Especially insists on application of mathematics and on computers as instruments suitable for inspiration and realization of artistic planes.