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A member of FoundNation crew and a Red Bull BC One All-Star, Issei started breaking at the age of 6 years old after a friend took him to an event at a dance studio, at which he still uses for training today.

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The ultimate battle for the final 2 places will be merciless in the famous Last Chance Qualifier Will the format be the same? Frequently asked questions Why is the event now taking place in November? Issei has a playful yet high energy, power moves based style, with which he always expresses the music in a way that make everything he does look effortless.


When will these World Qualifier take place? The dates will be announced by the begining of June, and listed here. When will you open the ticketing for the participants and the spectators?

On Saturday November 10th, players will face off in one big tournament to decide the 2 fighters who will make it to the Red Bull Kumite Main Event.

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The 2 finalists of this tournament will be awarded their slot within the cage for the Main Event, on Sunday, November 11th. The winner will be offered his ticket to Paris, and will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier as seeded players.

Issei loves that through his dance he is able to connect with new people from around the world, even when they don't speak the same language as him.

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The ticketing system will still be available. Players announcement will start in September.

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Stories From Tokyo, Japan, B-Boy Issei has been making waves and winning high level solo competitions since he was age of 15 years old. Are there other ways to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier?

The countries listed in the announcement will organize their own Qualifier.


Even thought his parents wanted him to quit dancing when he reached secondary school, Issei continued to pursue a career as a B-Boy, and since has won a long list of titles all over the world. It will feature players. It is through Breaking that he finds he can best express himself and claims that he is no genius and was not born with a strong physique but believes that practicing can make anyone the best B-Boy in the world!

Can you tell us who will be invited to the Main Event?