✅ Red Vs Blue Lose Yourself Action Montage mp3 ✅ Red Vs Blue Lose Yourself Action Montage mp3

Red vs blue action montage radioactive dating, amv - radioactive

I wanted to make it at good quality and do it well so that among other reasons is why it is late.

Radioactive - Red vs. Blue

Blue is a collection of those tales, organized and presented by the wisecracking computer program, VIC. Blue spans across thirteen ridiculous seasons, but there are still tales yet to be told within its universe.

Follow me on Twitter for updates and to request montages https: I am in no way working or connected to Rooster Teeth. Song is Sucker for Pain by Lil' Wayne. It's less of an action montage but more of a tribute to the relationship between Felix and Locus.

This one has been in progress for a while now and I would've like to upload it sooner, but it's finally done and I hope you guys enjoy. Blue" Content shown in this video belongs entirely to Rooster Teeth.

Red v Blue Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Credit for the song goes to "The White Stripes. Zack Picard for his Sparrow https: I started this as something I do when I'm bored, and it's grown this much. I am in no way working or connected to Rooster Teeth or any of their affiliates.

If you liked this video then you may like some of RTs other content found at http: If you haven't already I strongly suggest you visit http: I do not own anything in the video.

Basically, the Director was a dick and he destroyed the lives of many characters in RvB.

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Tim Winn Visual FX: We're thinking of the same asshole. Who will win this live action battle royale to the death? Song Party Rock Enjoy: All rights to Red vs.

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Credit for the song goes to "Imagine Dragons" https: I don't own any of the content shown in this video. In his actions he tore apart friendships and families and created various rivalries throughout all 14 seasons.

Radioactive - Red vs. Blue - YouTube

Blue belong entirely to Rooster Teeth Productions. You can find the remix here https: Yes, I mean that Felix.

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Any others you'd like to see? Blue Montage for the song Shell Shocked All Credit for the "Red vs.

Red vs. Blue: Written In The Stars (Action Montage)

Check them out at https: The story of Red vs. Trenton Wilson I had alot of fun making this one, more fun than i've had in a while.

Blue - Walk https: Season 14 of Red vs. In this montage I tried to focus on the pain that the Director and Project Freelancer directly and indirectly caused throughout the series.

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If you enjoyed Red vs. The stories of Season 14 will vary in length, style, and tone, and have been crafted in collaboration with different writers and directors from all corners of the web. Follow me on Twitter for updates and to request montages https: Check out these recommended rad products on our Amazon Influencer Page!

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Blue, I have no ownership over any of its content. I am in no way affiliated with Rooster Teeth and have no claim over any of their content.

Follow me on Twitter MeetTheCynic for updates. Halo belongs to Microsoft Song: I cannot thank you all enough! Blue you should check out their website http: