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The New Zealand Theosophical Society also opposed capital punishment, and the Churches of Christ and Baptist Union declared its opposition in the late fifties. The New Zealand Listener editorialised against the death penalty in Julyand received supportive feedback from its letters page correspondents.

Wintringham claimed that she had only meant to intimidate him, rather than kill him.

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Maketu, therefore, bided his time for revenge. In principle, this meant that de facto abolition had occurred from that point onward. At first, there were many possible execution sites all around the country, but later, the only two cities where hangings height preferences dating carried out were Wellington the capital and Auckland now the largest city.

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Method[ edit ] The method of execution was always by hanging. The Cook Islandswhich based its statutes on New Zealand law, formally retained the death penalty for treason until it was abolished in The Labour Party lost redmer yska all shook up chords to the more conservative National Partywhich had pledged to reintroduce capital punishment, in Abolition and its aftermath: The rest were commuted to life imprisonment.

However, while the election saw a short-lived Labour government elected, capital punishment was not debated in Parliament again before the National party regained power after the election. Maketu then killed Thomas Bull in the night with an axe; he then brutally murdered Mrs Roberton, who was shouting abuse at him and then went to murder the two girls ransacking the house and then burning Mrs Roberton and the two children within it.

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Film censor Gordon Mirams did not regard spectacles of hanging as appropriate content within crime dramas and western films and excised such content and dialogue on the basis of family propriety. The final decision on executions rested with Cabinetand only eight of the condemned were executed.

When the National Party restored capital punishment init became an administrative ordeal for civil servants involved, particularly those within correctional facilities like Mount Eden Prison in Auckland, law enforcement and the judiciary. Even then, professional opinion was divided.

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The National Party supported the restoration and maintenance of the death penalty, while the Labour Party opposed it. The ten National MPs were Rev. This referendum was to be voted on during the general electionbut the proposal was defeated.

The only crimes for which the death penalty still applied were treason and piracy. The people killed were Thomas Bull, employed by Elisabeth Roberton, who was also murdered along with her son aged eight, her daughter of two, and a girl of nearly three named Isabella Brind, the natural daughter of one Captain Brind by a Maori woman, the daughter of Rewa, chief of Ngapuhi in that area.

Given that the National Party lost that election, there were to be no further executions within New Zealand. However, he died of dysentery before the sentence could be carried out.

Inthe sheriff of Blenheim recommended that a professional executioner be hired. On that occasion, the Public Questions Committee of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand became involved in strenuously lobbying against the verdict.

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The result was a majority of 11 against capital punishment, Tom Longan Irishman who claimed to have been an executioner in Australiawas hired as the first official hangman. Inthe National Party reaffirmed its support for the death penalty, although restricted its use to premeditated murders, and those committed during another crime or during an escape from custody.

He was the only official hangman to be publicly known; others remained anonymous.

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Engel and Maureen Garing have drawn attention to the involvement of Protestant Christian opposition to capital punishment. During the time that the National Party was in office —36 people were convicted of murder, and 22 of those were sentenced to death.

Thomas Bull had a reputation for strength and brutality. On occasion, convicted criminals were employed as hangmen, often in exchange for reduced sentences or monetary reward.

However, before Dean's trial, imprisonment and execution, several other women had been found guilty of Infanticide in nineteenth-century New Zealandbut had had their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment.

Although Foster was sentenced to death and executed, defence counsel Dr Martyn Finlay succeeded in raising questions about the limited intellectual capabilities and mental health of the condemned person in this context. Redmer Yska notes that clergy often refused to participate in legitimising executions through their presence, of whatever denomination.

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The issue of capital punishment generated intensive debate within the National Party—the Minister of Justice in the Second National Governmentwho was responsible for introducing the Crimes BillRalph Hananstrongly opposed the death penalty, while Jack Marshall, the Deputy Prime Ministerhad condoned its use while serving as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, as noted above.

During that earlier period, support and opposition for capital punishment were clearly delineated on partisan grounds. Senga Wintringham was convicted of manslaughter, rather than murder, in Februaryafter shooting and killing Dr Bill Saunders. As religious opposition grew, it provided opponents of capital punishment with an organisational base that was used to good effect.

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The last person to be executed was Walter James Boltonfor poisoning his wife, on 18 February The death penalty was therefore abolished for murder, being retained only for treason and other similar acts in theory.

Initially, there was no professional hangman employed—the executioner was simply chosen from among any who were deemed qualified. Inthe Crimes Amendment Act changed the penalty for murder from death to life imprisonment with hard labour.

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In andthe Christian Social Justice League, Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Synod and Methodist Public Questions Committee supported abolition, as did individual Catholics, although their hierarchy remained neutral in this debate.

He seemed at all times to have made a set at Maketu and had on several occasions struck, thrown, or otherwise maltreated him.

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Meanwhile, Walter James Bolton — was executed at Mount Eden Prison in Auckland in Februaryafter he had allegedly poisoned his wife with arsenic. The first person to be executed was Wiremu Kingi Maketuwho was found guilty of murdering five people on Motuarohia Islandin the Bay of Islands.

All the people executed were men, except Minnie Deanfound guilty of infanticide inand all were convicted of murder, except for Hamiora Pereconvicted of treason.

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