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The agent - who first met Oscar at the Olympics in Athens - described his protege as "an astute businessman".

Reeva Steenkamp & Oscar Pistorius

Read our comments policy for guidelines on contributions. Indeed, part of the fascination in this case comes from the stories behind the two main players: Police have said they found no evidence of infidelity on either side of the relationship, nor any evidence of the row that prosecutors say prompted Reeva and oscar dating advice to kill his girlfriend.

The abuse of Janay Rice and the death of Reeva Steenkamp — and of Nicole Brown Simpson, while we're talking about brutalised partners of celebrity flirting in the air bella lo — remind us, were reminders needed, that men can cause reeva and oscar dating advice physical damage to the women they say they love.

Oscar Pistorius' sister Aimee Pistorius Image: But we do accept what the judge handed down.

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He said the Paralympian and Reeva Steenkamp would often use pet names with each other and arrangements were being made for her to accompany him on tour.

I have been in relationships. Sky News "I dropped everything and on my way home I tried to fathom what she tried to tell me then I realised that she mentioned Reeva," Mr Steenkamp continued. Pistorius pictured in court Image: I'm here to always encourage you to get there. Be happy and make someone SO happy.

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Maybe we can't do that for each other. The couple shared a love of cars - many of the Whatsapp messages they exchanged between them that were later retrieved by police were on that topic.

Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence for murder of girlfriend has been doubled

And how can a judge as smart as Masipa think that Pistorius's immediate horror at what he'd done is proof that he didn't mean to kill, if not Steenkamp then at least somebody?

During each episode they play a game, the winner of which is able to kick off one of the other contestants. When I feel you think u have me so why try anymore… "From the outside I think it looks like we are a struggle and maybe that's what we are," she wrote in another message.

But I chose to use my heart instead. Perhaps Masipa was right after all. Steenkamp was a keen horserider until she fell and broke her back in her early twenties. Prosecutors claim Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend following a heated row while Pistorius maintains her death was the result of a tragic accident.

In the UK, two die a week.

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Getty The former Olympic runner was asked by his defence counsel Barry Roux to remove his fake limbs in a bid to prove he deserves leniency. June said the family accepted the decision, despite indicating that some members were not "entirely happy".

As one of the last few witnesses to appear on behalf of the defence, the agent also spoke about the champion's prospects after London In her book she says the couple had spent many nights together but had not had sexual relations. She and Pistorius shared a deep Christian faith.

Relationship Timeline

She once sentenced a former prison officer to life imprisonment after he shot and killed his wife in an argument. Getty Barry Steenkamp gives heart-rending evidence in court The grieving father also told the court in Pretoria that "the time will come" when he wants to talk to Pistorius in private — and that the runner "has to pay for what he did".

Instead, she convicted him of culpable homicide. I touch your neck to show u I care you tell me to stop. She's probably not the only one he's got. What's a little culpable homicide between colleagues?

But he was convicted of manslaughter and the verdict was later upgraded to murder. Excitingly, this long-mulled-over question has at last been resolved.

Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp

Looking pale and holding her husband Barry's hand, she added: After Pistorius shot her shortly after 3am on February 14, Mr Moller showed the court what appeared to be a frantic series of phone calls made from one of Pistorius' phones just after the shooting.

His wife June has forgiven her daughter's killer but Mr Steenkamp stressed that it does not mean Pistorius should be freed from prison. Both came from comparatively privileged backgrounds in the new South Africa, they had nonetheless both seen fluctuations in their families' circumstances.

At least it's not fundamental values. No revenge Meanwhile, News24 reported how June insisted she did not want "revenge" on Wednesday, the day after the disgraced athlete was handed a five-year jail term for shooting her daughter dead.

The messages, sent via WhatsApp, represent only a tiny percentage of the missives between the couple, according to testimony from police phone expert Captain Francois Moller.

Oscar Pistorius posing with his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp Image: Read more Oscar Pistorius.

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And on January 9 the model sent her boyfriend a message which read: The prosecution's central allegation is that the defendant shot Reeva in a fit of rage after a quarrel; he has said he mistook her for a burglar in the middle of the night.

A woman who is killed is most likely to be killed by a man; a man who is killed is most likely to be killed by a man. Getty Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now The year-old also told how he hears his wife crying every night as she talks to Reeva.

Our daughter Reeva and Oscar Pistorius

The former model and TV presenter was shot by the disgraced sprinter at his home in Pretoria, South Africa, in the early hours of Valentine's Day He added that his client planned to retire inwith a view to taking on ambassadorial sports roles. I ended up having a stroke. Some of them were dynamic and some unpredictable.

The day before the shooting, she had said how much she was looking forward to Valentine's Day. The couple's messages are testament to their affection. The hour-long interview with ITV is due to air this month, local media have reported. Texts from Steenkamp accuse Pistorius of being moody, controlling and unhappy.

The year-old athlete first called the administrator of the housing estate before a call a minute later to an ambulance and then a call to his housing estate's security.

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I have said a small prayer for us both. As my colleague David Smith wrote this weekthe court provided a fascinating microcosm of how much South Africa has changed in the past few decades, with a black Zulu judge deciding the fate of a wealthy white Afrikaner.

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Asked about the year-old's temper, Mr van Zyl said that he had only seen him lose his cool on two occasions when he was accused of cheating for wanting to race able-bodied athletes on his blades.

He then knelt on a red cushion on the floor. In an interview with the London Times, the year-old mother says she is convinced that Pistorius lied in court and that he knew who he was aiming at when he fired the four bullets through the toilet door.