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Generators[ edit ] Sequencers, or generators, are a subclass of the acceptor and transducer types that have a single-letter input alphabet. Electrode center line Fiber position center line of X Camera Position Confirmation of Z Motor End Play 1.

Confirm the CCD camera inclination. States "Opened" and "Closed" stop the motor when fully opened or closed.

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Use left sheath clamp, set the um UV coating fiber into V-grooves. Adjust the set plate position by positioning the center of set plate slit to the tip of the electrode.

Install special tool 26mm electrode into rear anode side. Install special tool cap screw and a spring No. Using Focus motor, adjust fiber image both X and Y-axis so that the outside black bands are equal in width. They are used for control applications and in the field of computational linguistics.

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Adjustment Fiber Clamp Position 1. There are two input actions I: Refer to section 3. Note - The tip should not to touch the fiber. The example in figure 7 shows a Mealy FSM implementing the same behaviour as in the Moore example the behaviour depends on the implemented FSM execution model and will work, e.

The use of a Mealy FSM leads often to a reduction of the number of states.

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Be careful not to short circuit battery. In control applications, two types are distinguished: Block gauge Vertical position screws Fig. In a deterministic automaton, every state has exactly one transition for each possible input.

Using Focus Motor, manually adjust focal point to produce sharp fiber core image. Drive fiber past electrode using the ZL motor manually.

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The rubber cap may be left permanently in place after repair. Refer to section 4. Prepare and load fiber. This concept is useful in cases where a number of finite state machines are required to work together, and when it is convenient to consider a purely combinatorial part as a form of FSM to suit the design tools.

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Note - Cleave length: A rubber cap is available from Fujikura that should be installed during any maintenance procedure. They produce only one sequence which can be seen as an output sequence of acceptor or transducer outputs.

The "opening" and "closing" intermediate states are not shown. The entry action E: Adjusting the Set-Plate Position to the V-groove 1.


It only allows actions upon transition into a state. X and Y motors automatically move to there outer limits at which time they are measured. Page 35 Page 35 Adjust that display image looks like Fig. They signal to the outside world e. Monitor Display Camera Position Note — Cleave length: