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Also, if you're interested, I have a few ideas for keeping Mordecai and Rigby in line. She eventually reached her edge when CJ participated in a mini-golf tournament, and when Carl constantly told her "slow and steady," she putts her ball enterrados vivos online dating weakly, just before it stops in front of the moving obstacle.

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And by that, I mean I'm ripping it off your body and keeping it. At one hole, CJ nearly makes it into the hole, but Carl scolds her for this.

Chaz then presents CJ with her "Cut the Cheezers" card, but since CJ has now re-kindled with her father, she no longer wants the prize and throws it into the lava, much to Rigby's horror. And since Carl can't let CJ have all the fun, he too signs his name on the sign-up sheet.

To say you blew away the competition wouldn't be Ostrich a stretch!

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What're you guys doing here?! What are you talking a—?

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To you, suit—may we meet again in the next life. Next time you die, you're on your own! What's with the accent? Natalie, you're acting crazy! And I really need a haircut In fact, all you guys had a role in my lengthy healing process!

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Benson, we're in Australia! Let's go manage a park.

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Takes the trail mix from Eileen Wump-wump! Oh, I see what you're saying.

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Rigby assumed that CJ's last name would be putter, but CJ says that isn't true because the "Putter" last name is just a nickname. CJ then notices a crowd gathering, and fearing for the worst, when the crowd separates, it is revealed to Carl Putter.

This is either a miracle or I've gone insane. You are that man, Benson.

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That is completely uncool. Well, how's this for a joke? We need to get to an airport.

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His ghost leaves his body] Rigby voice-over: The gang calm CJ down, and CJ apologizes for her actions. I just had to make sure I was fit enough to keep up with this she-lion. At the mini-golf course, CJ claims to be rusty, even though she's an expert at sinking her ball into the hole at every hole.

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But at the Mermaid hole, CJ's ball misses the tunnel due to the Mermaid's swinging tail. Haha, very funny, guys. The sight of the golf course makes CJ utter "I hate mini-golf.

And somehow this just got creepier.

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Listen up, I missed you at work yesterday.