Reliance WiMax Broadband — bill payment Reliance WiMax Broadband — bill payment

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Disconnect BSNL connection: Surrender your Broadband, Landline and wimax

I did some downloads and noticed that the download speed is always stable and I do get up to 2 mbps download speed as promised: I am getting the bills In website my details are wrong. They say that a base station tower can handle around 5 kilometer radius with an indoor CPE.

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I'm using this connection more than a year and complaints given several time, but no still my account details are not changed. They will give you the connection after checking the feasibility in your area only. E on the same day ID: Therefore I would like to put your attention for this issue and kindly take a serious action to resolve it as soon as possible for which we shall continue for reliance services.

And the final step is… D Writing a surrender letter Finally, write a simple surrender letter to the concerned authority. DSL in India is still very slow compared to other countries due to the poor telecom line infrastructure in place considering we're using phone lines that are decades old in some cases.

WiMAX, now in Bangalore - Team-BHP

Kindly explain what is this. G, Contact number is But still it is in unresolved status. WiMAX short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access allows for wireless networks with broadband data rates with ranges of upto 75 km being covered by a single base station! Applications like Two divorced parents dating Desktop are also working fine.

At the time, most customer premise equipment as it is known is offered in the form of an a indoor modem-like station looks like a bulky DSL modem reliance wimax broadband in bangalore dating b outdoor station with flat panel antenna and ethernet connections for indoors.

After submitting you will get to see how much money you have to pay. This equipment is recommended if you have average signal in your area.

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It was at this time that CM Kumaraswamy said hilariously enough that WiMAX will help solve Bangalore's traffic problems due to the fact that more people will be able to work from home!!

So, how do you know how much dues you have to pay? I will show you how to check it. I noticed an issue with the default DNS servers as resolution of domain names either takes long time or doesn't resolve at all.

The device cost is as follows: Sourabh, Our head office in New Delhi is a first branch Greater Noida warehouse and secondly who are opening a new branch in Bangalore warehouse.


From many years i use wimax several times i have complained for speed issue not solved and now i got wireline connection from BSNL its working great. Pl help me close the account with immediate effect. Aruna CallsDec 02, Ms. Under that, you will be able to see your current bill details.

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After that still now I didn't get any call from any technical team and also from any executive. You can also Download this BSNL surrender letter format if you wish and replace all the necessary fields such as your name, date, and address accordingly.

However they couldn't make it that day and came the next day with the indoor CPE equipment. Fortunately for me the signal in my area was extremely good as the Base Station tower was just under half a kilometer away. Once you select your type of connection, put details such as your Landline number, Mobile number, Email ID etc and submit.

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How our ISPs deploy it remains to be seen So it will be a problem if you have file uploads to do and will decrease your torrent ratio if you have torrent usage. I am Dell employee. The most convenient device is the USB dongle as it doesn't need power and easy to carry around with a laptop. My registered mobile number isThanksMuneer.

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So, pack your bag with all these belongings if you have any. I have checked VPN connectivity and it is working fine.

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He told me about the issue with USB dongle at that time and promised someone would come the same day to check feasibility in my area. After paying the dues, take the bill receipt and enclose it along with BSNL surrender form and letter and submit it to the concerned authority. Ravi CallsDec 02, Mr.

However, if you have purchased it, then you can keep them with you. So if the signal is very weak in your place then you will have to opt for the outdoor CPE which consists of an antenna to be fixed on top of your building and connected to a receiver near your PC using cable.

The speed is definitely way faster than DSL, but this remains to be seen in a realtime scenario in India.

Ratings of All Providers in Bangalore

However, this is an ideal scenario and most base stations in the city will most likely be able to cover a km radius. Being a new service it is good to see BSNL doing well in the initial stages itself and I hope the service will get even better.

Although fixed WiMAX networks are sprouting up around the world, mobile WiMAX still has a long way to go considering that chipsets supporting it are still not in mass production! Surrender your Broadband, Landline and wimax T BSNL WiMAX has different plans for different states and in Kerala the only plan available for home users is " to 2 mbps download speed with unlimited data usage for Rs.

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