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Remington Police Trade-Ins: Good and Ugly! –

Until next week, Train Hard and Continue the Fight!! Seeing my initial disdain for the simple 18 inch barrel shotgun, Sgt.

Some folks might have a use for this and if they do more power to them but I would much prefer a standard over this.

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Good point about the tactical reload. The round may need to be picked up from the mag?

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Removal of the factory rifle sights is a little tricky if you want to switch to another sighting system. I have quality in some of their old firearms, they can keep the new ones. The ejector and bolt face on this gun were in remington 870 review uk dating shape.

This simple to operate, pump action shotgun is almost 65 years old and yet still sees more military, sporting and police use on a daily basis than any other manufacturer and model in the world!

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At the top of the stock Remington has crafted in a good-sized comb that gives the shooter a solid cheek rest when aiming the gun, rounding out the fine design of the rear section of the firearm. While the market for used shotguns in this condition fluctuates, they can normally be purchased for less than half of what a new gun would cost.

Remington Shotgun — Review Of A Classic February 16, By Trampas Swanson With all the talk about gun control, terrorism and home defense going on in the world media today, now more than ever, people are taking a stand for their jennice and kelley dating simulator protection.

Compared to a Mossbergfor example, the gun is head-and-shoulders above the competition. Since these guns were used by a police department prior to sale, they were most likely inspected and maintained by an armorer- so while they make look rough, they should be functionally sound.

Even after all of these years and management changes, it still feels and works just as well as its predecessors. When the Vietnam Conflict escalated and 18 year old young men were being ushered off to war, the US military decided to arm their close quarter combatants with a shotgun most of them were very familiar with by issuing the Remington along with their standard battle rifles.

Remington Model 870

Being loaded down with large heavy mags is certainly not a plus for a cop who is carrying to much gear on him already. I picked up the new Win 12 or or whatever it was called around 46 or so years ago.

The fore-ends are a mixed bag as well. If the round is pointed in the right direction it will chamber.

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No prefix is preand by that number I would guess yours is late or early I decided to share it here since this is where much of my limited knowledge came from.

Well we used candles for a few hundred years, then we moved away from that. Rebuilding and customizing a shotgun is always a great project. My shoulders are damaged from parachute injuries. Mags are a weak link no matter how well they are made. I shot a few used shotguns heck my first few at around age 14 were bolt actions, and I still Love a SXS until I could buy new.

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When you run out of mags you either got a single-shot or a fancy metal stick. With theI decided to speak with a few of these very people who have just as much or even more intimate experience with the Remington Specs The Remington shotgun owes part of its longevity to the fact it literally offers something for every shooter in the form of various configurations Remington catalogues.

Do you already have an account? But overall, the Remington is still a clear winner. This shotgun was engraved with a shield number on the bottom, in front of the ejection port, as well.

Gun Review: Remington 870

All four of the guns are Magnums. Out on the range I put hundreds of rounds of birdshot, buckshot and slugs through the gun without a single problem — and never lubed it once. January 3, I seem to remember, well old guys do have memory issues a few bolt action shotguns with magazines. High resolution illustrations and pictures guide you through the entire process.

An extended tube offers the same or more.

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Specially trained operators such as SWAT and elite military forces often use an 11 inch or 14 inch barrel for extreme close quarter operations such as ships, houses or to defeat door locks and hinges.

Swanson Media Group senior outdoor writer, Craig Reinolds, a retired fireman, former police officer and US Navy veteran as well, provided input on the wide range of uses his personal has provided over the years.

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Probably being stepped on repeatedly by horses if I know the herd at the ranch as well as I think I do. They still have the same old problem…the mags are too big to tote easily. The extended versions of both Remington and Mossberg hold 7 or 8 now.

Remington Review

These are typical, the bottom wood stock is chipped near the trigger guard. Usually its close to 20 yards with issued shotguns.

Aside from magazine articles, Muller has written several books including one on breaching using both the Remington shotgun as well as explosives. Another good friend and yet another fellow Swanson Media Group writer, Clint Steele was happy to provide his experiences with the Remington as well.