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We are talking about sparks that could ignite something that, for the moment, is cold. Finally, the exclusive economic zone EEZ is the area extending nautical miles from the baseline towards the sea, where the coastal nation has exclusive rights to the available natural resources.

Inwhen the parties were still unable to come to an agreement, Peru took its case to the International Court in research topics online dating Hague in the hopes of having the issue resolved. In turn, Chile declined to negotiate, claiming the maritime border had already been stipulated in previous treaties.

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Additionally, sardines and anchovies are at the core of their fishing industries. According to UNCLOS, territorial waters are defined as the area starting from the baseline out to 12 nautical miles into the sea where countries have full control and sovereignty.

Where the coasts of two States are opposite or adjacent to each other, neither of the two States is entitled, failing agreement between them to the contrary, to extend its territorial sea beyond the median line every point of which is equidistant from the nearest points on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial seas of each of the two States is measured.

United Nations, May 24, According to the UN, Chile and Peru rank among the top ten fishery producers in the world. Establishing a development policy for the fisheries industry in that area of the country.

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Formulate socioeconomic and cultural integration policies with our neighbours. The war started in with the alliance of Peru and Bolivia against Chile over the mining industry along shared territory, and ended in with the Treaty of Ancon defining national land borders and benefiting Chile with territorial gain.

Overview of the case

Accessed February 10, International institutions often serve as facilitators of peace and order, and for the purpose of maritime regulation, the United Nations UN has become the leading authority.

Promoting a public investment program in the Tacna and Moquegua regions that favours South Amercian integration. The legal process, which lasted over six years, culminated in an impartial judgment and victory for both sides.

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The Court announced it would deliver its ruling on January 27, The geopolitical representation of each country exemplified the concept of picking and choosing. Finally, it concluded that the border starts at Marker No.

There are fewer than 10 days to go before the judgment by the International Court of Justice in The Hague; so many things could still happen, and rumours and controversy are sure to continue to abound.

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The definitions of territorial sea limits were of particular interest during the Peru v. Parker, Noel, and Rebecca Adler-Nissen.

Yet they have a range of possibilities when it comes to how they inscribe their borders.

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Peru and Chile agreed that El Punto de la Concordia was the last boundary point between the two nations before reaching coastal waters; the treaty did not refer to maritime boundaries. It claimed that the Declaration of and the Proclamation of only applied to artesian fishing practices, and did not prove that both countries had agreed on a maritime border.

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Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. Peru filed a petition against Chile requesting the official delimitation of the maritime border between both nations starting at Concordia and the recognition of its EEZ, whom Chile did not acknowledge.

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Post originally published on Juan Arellano's blog Globalizado. Defining the role of the Armed Forces in our national security and sovereignty in the post-Hague phase. The above provision does not apply, however, where it is necessary by reason of historic title, or other special circumstances, to delimit the territorial seas of the two States in a way which is at variance therewith.

Peru claimed that El Punto De La Concordia, defined inshould be the starting point for the maritime boundary. Hence, it is not surprising that numerous nations around the world are involved in maritime disputes. We should be focussing on improving the wellbeing of our citizens and the road to that objective is not paved with proprietary wrangling over the maritime triangle.

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The UN conducted two subsequent conventions in andresulting in the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea UNCLOSa comprehensive document defining the legal use and demarcation of national and international waters.

Duilia Mora TurnerMar 17views This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree. The resolved dispute between Peru and Chile proves that legalistic intervention is a peaceful and adequate method for defining borders in modern times.