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Enthusiastically commented on by the media, praised by his friends and a quickly growing group of clients, this collection was a first step to creating his own brand.

Robert Kupisz

This has gained him recognition within the fashion industry and many times gave him the title of the best dressed man in Poland. The fifth one Fair Play, Summer was inspired by the Olympic Games and sport rivalry, and the sixth — by the movement of bikers. I had an opportunity to meet inhabitants of this region, and to get to know their traditions, local arts and music.

I was delighted by the their authenticity, strength of the character, and affection for the place they live in.

His life story proves that he is not afraid of taking risks. As with the mood of Tatry, I am fascinated with snowboarders, who have an amazing cool vibe and remind me of freedom.

They frighten me and fascinate me at the same time — as the designer has spoken about the inspirations to the KRIVAN collection.

Robert Kupisz @robert_kupisz

He was always an avid dancer. Robert Kupisz loves his work, designing, as he himself often says, "with my clients in mind.

Finally, inRobert Kupisz yet again redefined his professional life and made his debut as a fashion designer. They are the ones who must like them". The Tatra mountains make me feel as I am in a gothic temple.

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Contact Share "All of us have the potential to achieve our goals. When he became a World Latin Formation Championships champion he decided to open his own school of ball-room dance called Step by Step. With these newly acquired skills he moved to Warsaw where, within a few months, he became a leading hair stylist.

Robert always had the courage to dream big. For 10 years he trained Polish and international dance champions.

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Through his collections, which redefine the rock and street style, Robert gains crowds of enthusiasts, as well as adversaries, new clients and critics alike.

At one point tough he felt it was time to try something new. Robert applauds freedom, unconventionality, and listening to one's own intuition. He also co-operated with the most renowned Polish theatre and film directors such as Krzysztof Warlikowski at the National Opera in Paris: Today Robert's brand has six unique collections in its oeuvre; each wrapped aroud a different motif yet maintaining Robert's distinctive style.

Uniqueness and authenticity are Robert's core values. The next one — bald and sensual — reffered to the Wild West Wanted, Summer He grew up in Kielce where he graduated from an arts high school and later gained a degree in pedagogy.


In my collections, I always try to avoid a plainspoken interpretation of the main topic and try to mix history with modern world.

Robert Kupisz was born in a small town of Gacki. When I am in the mountains, I feel the dominance of the nature over humanity.

That's why, in this collection, I have decided to combine clothes inspired by the traditional highlanders with modern details brought straight from the snowboarders outfits. He is deeply rooted in the Grunge style where one can mix and match freely and anything goes.

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I've listened to the music, looked over some old photo albums with highlander outfits, I have even read about Janosik. He consequently moves ahead while discovering and developing his multiple talents. For a long time Robert Kupisz has been a fan of the grunge style; he remade, hand-dyed, sewed and styled his own clothes.