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I was lucky enough to have read all three in the series over the weekend and now the wait is on for 4 in the "Rock Stars" series. This book dealt with the dynamics of a poly relationship. By contrast, the concert's second half paid respects to 20th century American icons. In between came the poetic respite of Mexican composer Mario Lavista's "Cuicani," a sad and lovely duet for flute and clarinet deftly played by Dorothy Stone and James Rohrig, respectively.

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Sep 20, Vanessa Pasteleurs rated it it was amazing Just loved these books! The boys of the 80's Rock band continue to work on their relationship as the good doctor Zane draws them all together, helping them become one. Keep them coming Andrew because I am addicted.

His piece, "Come Round," delivered steamily and precisely by the Unit, is a three-movement invention that plays off cyclical materials and processes.

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I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author! Adam and Deuce are, I can not wait until the baby comes. Feb 28, Jodi Cain rated it it was amazing Andrew Jericho has done it again. Feb 11, Martin Thomas rated it it was amazing Smokin' hot read! Faithfully transcribed but radically altered in context, the idea sounds good on paper but, as over-brainy rock music and slumming chamber music, it suffered in translation to the concert stage.

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John Cage's "Six Melodies for Violin and Piano," smartly realized by pianist Vickie Ray and violinist Robin Lorentz, is one of the composer's delicate diamonds in the rough, marked by deceptive simplicity and an eerily natural note flow. As Jamie discovers that his life and body are dramatically going to change, Adam struggles to give the family reigns over completely to Zane.

Zane was my favorite but not now. In life living and loving with one person can be a trial at times.

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It's a piece that invents and reinvents itself, with a tension built up more from the foundation of emotional ambivalence and inquiry than fashionable angst. He has very des Once again Andrew places us in the middle of this sensual, emotional and eclectic story. His characters feel real and I love the way he has developed each personality.

But this series gives us a look into that very situation.

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I fall in love with all of these men as the books come. Andrew has a beautiful way of drawing out the emotions in his characters, making them feel real in every way.

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The real guest of honor here, though, was the late Jacob Druckman. Framed by thick, tolling chords--the hulk factor?

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I can't imagine what it would be like for 5 gay men who all hold each other's hearts. Each of the five come with issues, and they all have to work to deal with their own issues as well as the group. The series is of their life together and the good and bad times!

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If you think a triad is a hard to manage, you should see how hard it is to manage a menage a cinque. Can't wait for more. Another 2 Thumbs Up for a great book! Love and communication are of paramount importance and goes a long way in building this family group.

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This book, just like the first two, is very This series just keeps getting better and better. This book, just like the first two, is very well written and will once again have you laughing and crying as if you were there. He has very descriptive, heartfelt prose, allowing me to feel as though I am right in the middle of this story.