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There is no need to have any knowledge of classical music to let us share ROCO with you. Honestly, come as you are. Our house lights are always up so you can read the program that has fun information about the musicians and the music.

A String Orchestra has around players that are only strings and sometimes also incorporates an extra wind or brass instrument.

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One of the reasons is our dedication to and excitement in commissioning world premieres for each concert. We now like to think of the acronym as standing for what ROCO is: We also engage you from the stage with information and stories that open up the concert experience for you.

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Table tennis coaching in bangalore dating repertoire or roco et 420 dating of musical pieces that are written for it is vast and is best performed in a seat space. Why do you call yourself ROCO?

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A Chamber Orchestra that is full size consists of 40 musicians with pairs of winds and brass with the possibility of multiple percussion. There is power in the sound, but intimacy in the experience. Shaping the Future of Classical Music through energizing, personalizing and modernizing the orchestral experience.

Some music can be the same, such as Mozart and Haydn Symphonies, but there are also many pieces specifically written for the Chamber Orchestra itself. As of the end of our 10th season, ROCO will have commissioned and world premiered 43 works for chamber orchestra and chamber groups.


There are fewer strings that in a Symphony Orchestra, but the same grouping of violins, violas, celli and bass. ROCO belongs to Houston. We make our season personal by programming and planning concerts based upon musician recommendations and their own unique forays into other musical repertoire and styles.

Super accessible to all ages and for all schedules. In fact, during some of our concerts at St.

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Her talk, Wildcatting in the Arts, serves to truly shape the future of this field. Why are there different conductors and sometimes NO conductor? You also do not have to dress up to be here with us.

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We are adding music to this distinct Chamber Orchestra world. We have multiple ways for you to enter the classical music world.

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We also connect our musicians to patrons through individual or group sponsorship of each musician in the orchestra. How is ROCO different from other classical music groups?

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However, if you do know about classical music, there are many opportunities to learn even more through our concerts and discussions. A Symphony Orchestra is a group of strings, winds and brass that has around members and performs in a large hall that seats people. While we started with three concerts a year at the church, ROCO currently performs dozens of concerts each season, with the ensemble flexing from 1- 40 performers, playing in multiple venues throughout the Greater Houston area.

Riveting performances, Original works, Creative inspirations, Open to all! It is its own animal and occupies a distinct space beside a symphony orchestra.

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Our founder, Alecia Lawyer, travels to speak to conservatories, universities and conventions about entrepreneurialism in the arts. We use our language of music to weave our community together through continuous creative collaborations. When forming the group in to begin residency at St.