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Running man gary kiss song ji hyo dating, photo gallery

Running Man Wish List Special 1 - 7 Spoons All the Running Man members won as they successfully completed visiting all 7 restaurants that they chose within 12 Hours and avoided the penalty that they chose for each other.

Running Man Ji Hyo Kiss Park Seo Joon

Suzy Miss A vs. Gary, Yoo Jae-suk, and Ji Suk-jin had to wash dishes.

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Only Song Ji-hyo received gold bars, but in exchange she had to take pictures of her in her martian costume while eating dinner at the nearest rest area and when she gets home costume after filming.

They received a department store gift certificate. They avoided the punishment of cleaning up the caravans. They avoided having to pay for dinner and the guests received R golden employee ID cards.

Consensus All Running Man members win by completing 3 missions unanimously and escape from the 24 hours confinement punishment.

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The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts The Running Man members successfully jump into the rope in sequence and pass a gong from the last member to the first and bang the gong within 20 seconds. Their total weight was less than kg of weight so they got to go home and avoided having to walk to Yangpyeong Station.

They avoided the punishment of playing a children's song with a piano in an abandoned amusement park Yongma Land with Yoo Jae-suk. They avoided the punishment of wearing blue outfits and blue face paint and standing in front of a blue screen.

Hanyang Women's University Song Ji-hyo was saved by having a Running Ball with her named pulled and was saved from the punishment of wearing hot pants designed by the students at the university along with Haha, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, and Jung Yong-hwa.

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Suzy received a gold trophy. Cab Drivers' Favorite Restaurant Expedition! Gary and Ji-hyo received double the amount of gold they had because they both chose each other over gold in the end. The members receive digital cameras for successfully fooling Choi Ji-woo. Weather Race Running Man and guests Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won correctly identified the safest place from extreme weather events and won.

The Greatest Love Race Song Ji-hyo and Haha won by guessing the object with the lowest density and they received a pair of golden "R" rings.

Song ji hyo running man kiss

They avoided the punishment of sleeping in the desert. They received 1 million won. Stealing Princess Ji-hyo's Heart Song Ji-hyo who had the highest cumulative number in cards starting from the beginning remained the person with the highest cumulative number in cards at the end even after 3 teams switched cards with her for a couple rounds.

They each received a golden ball trophy.


The Legend of the Nine Swords Asia Race Part 3, Vietnam Song Ji-hyo is able to blend in due to her yellow ao dai which all the random people walking around are wearing and she was able to sneak up and rip Han Hye-jin's name tag and win.

However, he did make it back to the original meeting place in time. Her total was 38 and so she won 6 gold bars.

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The Chasing Team shared the gift sets except for Ji Suk-jin who was eliminated for trying to steal too. A hidden rule was the if a couple chose each other over gold then the gold they had would be doubled.

Running Man

Song Ji-hyo and Yook Joong-wan each receive an Alkkagi board and the supporters who guessed that they would win each received a gold bar. The Konkuk University students received a scholarship.

Song Ji-hyo also received the privilege to have a future episode based on her. They received 2 gold envelopes filled with money.

Running Man Members Get Suspicious That Song Ji Hyo And Kim Jong Kook Are Dating - Koreaboo

So the members and Park Ji-sung are safe from the skydiving punishment just for this episode. Gary receives 2 gold bars and Song Ji-hyo receives 6 gold bars.

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Ansung Natural Resort Song Ji-hyo was saved by having a Running Ball with her named pulled and was saved from the punishment of wearing red long underpants and receiving a Meridian massage along with Gary, Haha, Lee Kwang-soo, and Song Joong-ki.