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Runo just looked away shyly with a blush and was thinking what he said. Dan gazed back at his best friend to find her burning on the spot.

Dan and Runo: Under The Stars Chapter 1: Make A Wish, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic | FanFiction

How do i know this,you might ask, i am great friends with the creater. Did Dan and Runo kiss? He didn't have to open his own eyes to realize it was Runo who was kissing. According to the weather … there will be rain tomorrow.

If you want to play the piano well you must … a lot. In Bakugan does dan love runo? He had finally strayed away from his fashion-disaster-he-called-pants to a pair of baggy black jeans and, of course, a yellow shirt. Did you know that Peter had arranged the party … for you? A human B humane C humanitarian When I went to … I only saw my parents during the holidays.

Dan Kelly died on June 18th of So as he was beginning to leave, Dan felt a hand on his and saw that Runo was now waking up. After all, I seemed to think that you cared for me a little more.

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She gazed up at Dan, who seamed to be more embarissed by the scene then she was. A day school B boarding school C state school Was it Alexander Bell who … the telephone?

Runo figured that if she had to loose her pigtails for the day, then he could loose his sunglasses.

Runo And Dan's Date

Who … you to play the guitar? In bakugan does dan kiss runo? So, don't blame yourself.

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Startled, Dan started to turn his head. I've been dating you for about three months now, Danny-boy. Desperate to send the girls away, Runo had wrapped her right arm around his neck. But you may think that it was stupid of me to do that.

Does runo like shun or dan?

Did some dude make fun of your hat? She stomped off to the picknick tables as Dan doddled behind. Sure enough, he was staring at the tramps, as Runo put it.

It happened … A in a small town B in the country C at a small village Dan looked up and saw it. True, he never knew a lot of stars. Will Dan marry Runo in Bakugan?

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The next day he appeared … Dan and Runo are fictional characters on the anime show, Bagugan. Behind them stood a fairly old ice cream shack, and it seamed as though Dan was taking his sweet time, walking from the sidewalk to the line in a speed that even a turtle would be ashamed of.

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She winked at him and gave him a flirtatious wave.