Who is Ryo Nishikido dating? Ryo Nishikido girlfriend, wife Who is Ryo Nishikido dating? Ryo Nishikido girlfriend, wife

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Doesn't actually hate Ueda Tatsuya anymore, contrary to popular belief.

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His parents are Kyushuan immigrants. Loves to play the guitar, usually he plays it when he stays at home. Has got the nickname "Nikki" from a cameraman who works at the magazine Myojo. Fish, onion, carrot, green peas, sweets, chocolate.

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Music Paradise used to be asra yojna online dating with Uchi Hiroki. Has a tendency to lie a lot. Rice, ramen, yakisoba, miso soup, garlic rice, pickled ginger, ginger fried pork cutlets and anything with mayonnaise. Cat He's allergic Favorite Food: Has been the victim of bad press among international fans, who make him out to be vindictive, spiteful and in extreme cases actually insane.

ChildrenUeda Masaki. He donated some of his earnings from 1 Litre of Tears to the research for the cure of Spinocerebellar Degeneration, Aya Kito's disease in 1 Liter of Tears.

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Has repeatedly made it known that he believes that Japanese people should have black hair; while his has been both brown and blonde, it has never stayed that way for long. Loves to tell his friends to cut their hair and bug them about it until they do.

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Has, actually, cried over food. Though, differently from Subaru he admits that he lied just a little while afterward. Has said that if he woke up in a woman's body, his first action would be to touch his breasts. Parents, two elder brothers, a younger sister Instruments: Is, according to Yokoyamathe one in Kanjani8 who makes most of the decisions when it comes to the group, but is by no means the leader.

Trivia A big fan of Saito Kazuyoshi.

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As a result of being in Johnny's he started appearing in dramas soon after joining the company, On January Nishikido held his first solo live "Ryo Nishikido Live" from January 5th to 9th in Yokohama arena and Osaka-jo hall.

The show ended on Favorite Colors: He doesn't like talkative girls. JapanAmerica, France.

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Is a good cook. Until he was around 16 years old he was only cm tall and used to jump a lot in order to make other people believe he was taller.

Yellow, green, black, grey.

Ryo Nishikido

Yokoyama Yu gave him the nickname "Dokkun" because of his sharp tounge. It was apparently very delicious. Calls his mother "Kaachan" mommy.

Recent 'victims' include Kato Shigeaki and Yamashita Tomohisa.

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September 6, Radio Show: