Composite video vs composite sync and Demystifying RGB video Composite video vs composite sync and Demystifying RGB video

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Makes a big difference even on an analog tv when using a dvd player. Examples of these extensions include teletextclosed captioningdigital information regarding the show title, transmitting a set of reference colors that allows TV sets to automatically correct the hue maladjustments common with the NTSC color encoding system, etc.

No more jail bars. However, just as the modulation and demodulation of RF loses quality, the mixing of the various signals into the original composite signal anime dating sim game deviantart the same, causing a checkerboard video artifact known as dot crawl.

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The difference between component and s-video is more noticeable with the Wii than the DVD player especially when playing a game. Composite sync extracted from composite video?

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Unfortunately the most commonly used format in the world of retro gaming after-market cables is the sync over composite video RGB SCART cable, including those cheap arse cables of eBay oops. While watching an actual movie, component and s-video are far superior to composite.

And the less channels occupying one signal wire means less interference. Quality Connection Description Best Component - The video signal is split into three signals, two color and one black and white, giving you the best picture.

Many, if not most, TVs of that size these days don't have a user accessible one though. The increase in picture quality that you'll get in platform games like the PS2 when you move from composite yellow-plug to S-Video is very noticeable and is well worth spending the extra money to buy the optional cable.

This conversion also typically adds noise or interference to the signal as well. Again, there are noticeable differences in the picture quality of he 3 cables.

S-Video vs Composite

You sound like you really know your stuff. Most of the time, these college basketball games were just quickly thrown together using the basic components of the NBA equivalent instead of being developed independently and so, often had some quality problems.

In Europe, while most countries used the same broadcast standard, there were different modulation standards PAL-G versus PAL-I, for exampleand using an external modulator allowed manufacturers to make a single product and easily sell it to different countries by changing the modulator.

Not all that big a deal on a 'TV' picture but it severely hurts text, especially since you're pushing it with relatively small, by TV standards, computer text. With the component cable, there are nice crisp edges and it is very obvious that this game handles anti-aliasing poorly.

The way S-Video works is that it basically separates the color information Chrominance from the brightness Luminance. Uses a three jack cluster of wires with the ends color coded green, blue, and red. The picture quality is borderline too good when playing an older game.

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Rear of Polish computer Elwro Junior. One of the only differences I could see was that there is some color bleed around some of the text. Unfortunately, the Wii would not play the DVD. With the DVD player, there are noticeable differences among the 3 cables in the quality of the displayed test image.

BNC connectors were also used for composite video connections on early home VCRsoften accompanied by either phono connectors or a 5-pin DIN connector for audio. Test images from the Wii.

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Get a 27" or bigger TV with a component video input. BNC connectors and higher quality coaxial cable are often used in professional television studios and post-production applications. The difference in quality is real and significant.

What I have discovered doing research today is that component cable can carry p signal quality or less! Demodulation loss[ edit ] The process of modulating RF with the original video signal, and then demodulating the original signal again in the TV, introduces several losses.

Another question, I notice with component cables I hear a low buzzing sound. S-Video Separated-Video is better than a composite video connection. This is called widescreen signalling WSS. Building a home theatre: I am sure this is less of an issue with newer games.

Will S-video be much better? Problems includes screen drop-offs resulting in a blank screen during game play and also another effect called dot crawl. This has led to a proliferation of systems such as S-Video and component video to maintain the signals separately.

I like to call this situation "sync over composite video". Standard connectors[ edit ] In home applications, the composite video signal is typically connected using an RCA connector phono plugnormally yellow. It is often accompanied with red and white or black connectors for right and left audio channels respectively.

Advantages of composite sync A composite sync RGB SCART cable can reduce a video effect often referred to as jail bars, which are faint on-screen horizontal lines displayed throughout game play and are more noticeable on patches of solid colours, and when using a modern flat screen television in-conjunction with a sync over composite video RGB SCART.

Too much sharpness and it'll ghost the edges though.

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Almost all modern video equipment has at least composite connectors, so this typically is not a problem; however, older video equipment and some very low-end modern televisions have only RF input essentially the antenna jack ; while RF modulators are no longer common, they are still available to translate baseband signals for older equipment.

Look for a compromise. LaserDiscs store a true composite signal, while consumer videotape formats including VHS and Betamax and lesser commercial and industrial tape formats including U-Matic use modified composite signals generally known as color-under.

Demystifying RGB & Sync

For example the PAL Super Nintendo does output RGB video, however the sync is transmitted over composite video and there is no separate composite sync option, however, the console does output s-video, therefore, the composite sync over luma can be used instead as seen below in figure 4.

But what about those red and white connectors? Theme colors can make a big difference because TV chroma signals don't all have the same bandwidth, so some have better resolution than others. Through the early s, electronics that output a television channel signal were required to meet the same shielding requirements as broadcast television equipment, thus forcing manufacturers such as Apple to omit an RF modulator, and Texas Instruments to have their RF modulator as an external unit, which they had certified by the FCC without mentioning they were planning to sell it with a computer.

Sync over luma, which has less channels on SCART pin 20 compared to sync over composite video which uses 5 channels.

It works, but the resolution is pretty bad. The reason that this is so is that televisions are designed to display separate Luminance Y and Chrominance C signals.

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As usual in this NG, great responses, and helpful. Gold plated, double shielded, and made for video only. Composite video cables are RCA type connectors colored yellow. Component seems to provide slightly brighter colors but the biggest difference between the 2 is in their abilities to display text, or any other hard edge.