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The choir is accepted into the annual " Let the Peoples Sing " competition Arne has decided to register the choir without previous noticeand they journey to InnsbruckAustriato perform. This lands Connie in jail. Lena fears Daniel will leave her for his sophisticated friends from the music world, when she see their kissing and hugging him.

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He starts helping the choir grow and develop, rediscovering his own joy in music. Almost immediately, Lena Frida Hallgrenan attractive young girl in the choir, catches his attention. The audience in the auditorium is enchanted and sings along.

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His own heart, however, is in bad shape. Daniel buys the old elementary school in the village, and soon after is asked to come along one Thursday night and listen to the local choir.

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He dares at last to tell her he loves her and then they make love. Daniel approaches the parish minister to seek for the position of cantor. As they grow closer and fall in love, he realises that he is surrounded by the villagers' personal problems. On the day of the competition, the choir is ready on stage but Daniel is nowhere to be seen.

The heart of each member of the choir starts to open, as it has always been Daniel's dream. Daniel smiles to himself and turns motionless, thus leaving the viewer to decide whether he lives or dies, completely fulfilled by reaching his goal.

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She eventually finds the strength to leave him, as the whole village finds its strength to help her. He lies helplessly on the tile, blood gushing from his head, listening to the choir harmonising over the loudspeakers.

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He eventually agrees to help, albeit reluctantly. After suffering a heart attack on stage at the end of a performance, he retires indefinitely to Norrland in the far north of Swedento the village where he endured a terrible childhood of bullying.

Inger Ingela Olsson is married to the respected minister, Stig Niklas Falkbut has failed to develop a loving sexual relationship with her husband. He blames the choir and Daniel for his wife's decision and beats him up. The minister, Stig, is jealous of the choir's success and tries to close it down.

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The final scene shows Daniel rushing towards his younger self within the wheat fields as he embraces his life's goal, to "create music that will open a person's heart". His heart has been affected by his anxietyand he has another heart attack. He is only asked to listen, and maybe offer some helpful advice, but their intentions of persuading him to help are obvious.

His failure precipitates his eventual nervous breakdown. Daniel staggers into the restroom, unsure of how to handle the situation, then stumbles and hits his head on the pipe below a sink, causing him to bleed severely.

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Connie himself turns out to be the bully who was at school with Daniel and drove him from the village.