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Somehow, love makes the person weak. Just carry this gun.

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Ask to who has fallen in love? Itbaar — Happy Khan. When I was in high school, me and my girlfriend had to get an abortion, and it was a very sad thing.

Chithi is the best Punjabi Song by Amar Arshi. Sad single girl songs list city references were only there as a metaphor to the loneliness to the world. No words to describe it This rumour was refuted in the biography, Heavier Than Heaven.

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Katinka singles dating picked this song because it is the untold story of a soldier and the horrors that you face if you were or currently are a soldier. Amrinder Gill with the help of his sad song tries to realize loss of love.

But even that is still sad in the end. But Jackie Evancho gives it a whole new poignancy. Back to Black Released: A lot of people can relate to it, and you can hear the hurt in the singer's voice.

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V 19 Comments 16 Adam's Song - Blink if you listen to the lyrics of this song you will realise it is about a kid called adam who commited suicide and his mum asked blink to write a song about him, best version of this song is live on mark tom and travis show - bigcowpaddy1 You don't expect song this kind of sad from the punk GREATS as they their songs are usually humorous and banging-type I heard this song for the first time when I was young less than 10 and I was legitimately afraid of this song until a year or two ago when I forced myself to listen to it again, all because of how much it affected me the first time I listened to it.

Why to cheat to your love. It moves in a way that is hard to describe and it became the best-selling single of all time by a female artist. Jhootiya Sajna — Lucky Anil What you feel about a liar?

Ironically, he wandered into the studio that Pink Floyd was recording in, while they were playing this song. Soon this supportive person realises that he or she has used by someone.

The song was co-written by Jackson and it saw him sharing emotions that he must have been feeling at the time.

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This is one of the saddest songs when you reflect on the lyrics. A truly sad song that makes me cry every time I hear it!

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The song is sad for those that have lost someone special in their lives that has had influence and positive impact. The "thief" in the song is in reference to the tumor.

Person is stuck in some problems. It shows that in these situations, one loses all power to keep control, knowing that you'll miss what you had. You'll even get payed I said that sounds pretty good" just a masterpiece and one of RA's best songs.

This song brought me to tears the day Chester died. What it feels when someone starts hating you? The Temper Trap Source 6.

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This is the super hit Punjabi Sad song. Then the second time, I listene to the lyrics and aat the end I burst out crying in my pillow, cause I didn't want my parents to see me. He died 3 years ago and I miss him so much.

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As most of you like to look at the stars and moon. However, this may be a happy or sad situation of your life. This is the perfect song to put you in a black mood, too.

Top Ten Saddest Songs

However, you cannot stop your tears while hearing this song. Sufi with his Punjabi sad song tries to give respect to the moms. Conditions and Until Now Released: The solo was recorded in mono with just one microphone and almost no editing.

I wouldn't say the song is that sad but I love green day so much and am very loyal so I'm voting this No it's happy.

It is amazing and strong inside out and now every time I hear this song, I remember all those beautiful memories and I just can't help myself but crying. I still love it though. In the end, he lacks the self-confidence to face her and feels he subconsciously is her.

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It's the sound of the great Freddie Mercury ignoring the pain to deliver one last masterpiece for the world. This is the true love.

Most Beautiful, Sad Songs

And one of the most underrated artists ever. However, this lives you shattered. I think that this song is much more depressing than "my immortal" because a its about a young child at first in denial about a loved ones death, then they see the body for themselves, and my tears start forming.

You may have seen the condition of person fallen in love. However, you are in pain when your lover is sad. Qismat — Amy Virk This is, in the form of song, the saddest love story ever. You are loyal to him or her. There's nothing like a choir to make an emotion resonate. Even today the song remains a favorite for women that are feeling a little sad and discouraged with the way their relationships are going.

The song is sad for those that have been scorned by loved ones in the past. We recollect the days of our childhood listening to this song - Irina This song always makes me sad.

Later I did know that this song telling us to appreciate the ones who always behind our back; keep supporting and guiding us. The saddest one, definitely! I just like to listen to sad music sometimes.