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After getting approval from the State Govt. This college at present imparts higher education in B.

About Abhedananda Mahavidyalaya

The natural spot is surrounded by the boundary of Orissa on one side and Jharkhand state in the other, comprising the blocks of Beliabarah, Nayagram, Jamboni and Sankrail. The college imparts education only during the Day section.

To open the window of mind to the broader world outside. As per University Guidelines. This college has produced many graduates who are now well established in life.

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A and well wishers. To teach the learners to participate in the philanthropic activities helping the distressed and needy during crisis and calamities such as flood, famine, earth-quake, tsunami, etc.

Please ensure you have your mobile phone switched off when attending any session. The college can now boast of producing graduates in all the three streams viz.

To organize and conduct debate, dialogue, discussion and participate in seminars, conferences, congregations, symposiums and get-together to develop academic skills and innovations. Peoples from all walks of life donated generously for construction of its building.

These subjects taking one from any three of the following groups: To inculcate the moral, democratic and secular values.

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To impart pure knowledge for making the nation great. To build up leadership quality among the students by developing the strength of their reason mind and spirit. To know and learn the latest development of ideas and application relating to science, technology, education and philosophy and all other branches of knowledge and apply them to the humanitarian and material progress of man.

As there was no scope of higher education within a radius of 45Kms. The intellectual polity and such learners of higher education began dreaming of an institution of higher education and it was due to their endeavor and hard labour which bare fruit in the farm of Subarnarekha Mahavidyalaya which was established on 7th September on the land donated by Nayabasan Janakalyan Vidyapeeth.

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Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited in classrooms, library, and laboratory. The College started functioning from 1st July only with B. The college is marching forward with financial help from honorable M. Any Student found involved in ragging either in the college premise or in the hostel will face immediate expulsion from the college as per order of Supreme Court.

Arts, Science and Commerce.