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Yet sekolahan online dating Calparsoro and Nimry manage to convey the loneliness and longing of Alex so that, despite her criminal activity, her fate becomes a matter of concern. Tono drives, and Alex, a year old woman, tries to calm the hysterical Esteban.

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The car pulls into a deserted quarry. Alex is the sole supporter of her parents and two brothers.

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In is are three men, a woman, and a blindfolded cop, their hostage. But his partner is let go and later recruits Esteban as a member of a police-approved vigilante gang.

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She earns money by dealing drugs and helping Javi's gang run guns. More Reviews Locarno Film Review: Characteristics bank-robbery, drug-dealer, gangster, getaway-car, hostage, killing, love, murder, robbery, smuggling, unrequited, violence, weapons Related Movies.

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The leader of the gang is Javi. Young helmer displays plenty of cinematic know-how, though the world of nihilistic violence may be beginning to pall for even the most ardent fans of the genre. She also craves love and affection, and hopes to get it from Javi, who never responds.

Salto al vacío Reviews

Alex becomes a body guard to an illegal dog fighter and finds herself in deep trouble when she is forced to kill the two men attacking her client. Ultra-violent pic about a gang of ruthless hoods is leavened by the surprisingly tender treatment of the principal femme character, beautifully played by Najwa Nimry.

A somewhat bungled robbery has just taken place, and one of the robbers, Esteban Alfredo Villahysterically certain the cop saw his face, repeatedly threatens to kill the man. Produced by Enrique Fernandez Ayuso.

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Alex, meanwhile, accepts a job as bodyguard to a man involved in illegal dog-fighting, and is forced to kill two guys who attack her client.

It is Tono who ultimately shoots the hapless cop.

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Directed, written by Daniel Calparsoro. The gang leader, Javi Roberto Chalua Brazilian, and the driver, Tono Ion Gabellaare more in control of the situation, while the woman, year-old Alex Nimry tries to keep the lid on things. She yearns for Javi to give the love and affection she has never known, but he ignores her.


Most of the film focuses upon Alex who sports short hair with the word "void" shaved into the back of her head. Esteban, a robber, is sure that the cop saw his face and now threatens to kill him.

The film open inside a crowded getaway car right after a robbery. Executive producer, Fernando Colomo. Yet the final impression is that of a desperately sad society living on the edge of complete hopelessness.