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Every ounce of energy you have will be used up as you take this movie into your being. We all need to be enlightened on the sacrifices made for our freedom. This movie brought the realization to me of how much I did not know about the battles of W. I would highly recommend it for anyone mature enough, but young children should not watch it for reasons of violence and language.

I consider it a ray of light and truth to what happened and if forgotten may happen again. They said this about the Holocaust. It has brought Generation Xers to embrace and cry for those veterans who served during that great time of testing.

For those who say that we must see this graphic movie in order to fully understand how horrible war really is, I have some food for homero mercadotecnia latino dating Like most D-Day soldiers, he fought all the way throughout France and awarded many citations along with the Purple Heart.

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Alex Chaney, age 34 Agree with your comments. The film clearly shows sacrifice and courage in the face of an almost insurmountable task like nothing that I have ever seen.

From a Christian perspective, violence should not be tolerated and this movie carries a near NC amount of it and it has a lot of language. After seeing this movie, I think of my grandfather in a far different light. However, for Ryan, the act of Miller is one of sacrifice.

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Paul Gan our freedoms were gained by men like these… Every American adult should see this film because we need to be reminded that the freedoms we now have were gained salvar al soldado ryan nathan fillion dating the men portrayed in this movie.

I first watched it at age 14 with two friends from my church one of whom was somewhat older and had already seen the movieand I was quite moved by it at the time. You cannot betray the images you allowed yourself to take hold of and approve of it. Nevertheless, despite my Christian criticism, film is a form of art, and characterizations are invented to suit the needs of the artist, in this case Spielberg.

As a final point, I think Saving Private Ryan puts references to God and christianity in a positive light. While some may find the trivialities of its language offensive, such gnat-like considerations are irrelevant in the face of its moral strengths of courage and self-sacrifice.

I was not quite mature enough to fully appreciate it for what it was, but I was moved by it and could not quite understand why. The freedom we enjoy as Americans and the freedom in other nations was bought at a severe price.

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After all all of the lives lost were children of God. I have to say that if you are tame at heart, steer clear of this one, but if you really want to see it, take someone with you that can somewhat handle it.

Brian Roeseler, age 27 I was compelled by the image of an aged Private Ryan, weeping over the thousands of crosses at the Normandy Memorial. This movie instilled in me that it was only by the Grace of God that any solider was able to make it onto Normandy beach that day.

You will leave exhausted. Every apathetic American should see this movie to realize the debt we owe to those who died to preserve our freedom and that of others.

There is no movie that can compare, no other feeling on Earth that will shock you as this movie does. No children under fifteen should see this movie, BUT, I firmly believe, even though I am a devout Christian and abhor wanton violence, that everyone else should see this movie.

Then there was the final scene of the film, where the elderly James Ryan stands before the graves of the men that died so he could live to see home again. My whole family, father, uncles, grandfather, brothers, are all military.

This movie is a war movie in every right and in every sense of the word. I found that the movie served to re-sensitize me to the horror of war.

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I saw a deeper meaning in the movie, which was touched on briefly in the church. This film will set everyone against war and will earn Spielberg a place in history as the only director yet to capture the brutal, in-your-face realism of warfare captured on film. The saved one remembers this for the rest of his life, feeling unworthy.

People who believe that this movie is too violent scare me. Spielberg puts the reality of violence back into true perspective. And yet Hollywood has done little to honor their memory. John Williams conducted the Boston Pops Orchestra for the scoring of the film which is strategically sparse; there is no music during battle scenes.

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Pray for our land and our leaders. I have never had a movie open my eyes and teach me anything quite like this. My brother never talks about the war, but after seeing this movie, I see him in a different respect now.

The visual and aural accuracy is so real, your other senses will kick in. Watching the storming of Omaha Beach, I was literally almost sick to my stomach. The movie continually emphasizes the recurring theme of the conflict between principle and purpose.

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The blood and destruction happened. Interestingly enough, the most emotional scenes to me were not the scenes of fighting. It opens your eyes like nothing else. This movie taught me a lot, even as a relatively immature 14 year old. - Salvar Al Soldado Ryan - Bso

Along the way, there are some cameos of famous actors, i. Apparently, as a result of their war experience, they become cynics. And it is marvelous.