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Anyway, obviously it's episode one so you get the set and you know we're shooting that scene I'm like God is this - is it - like I couldn't tell what I was doing, like it was still so fresh in the process of season two and we were like getting back into it.

And that generates a lot of tension between us. But, Aidan is still definitely the most dangerous of the roommates. And so that was a little bit frightening but I think it all turned out all right, I've seen the stuff. We were given some great material. I really like that Nora is confronted with everything that she called Josh on last season.

I do a really good Sam Huntington impression, yeah. For example, when we do some of the flashbacks, the locations are incredible.

Meaghan Rath

So for the reason that we're doing completely different things when we do come together there's a question of can we still relate to each other and how non-judgmental are we actually going to be towards each other? She keeps hitting these new lows. Bishop also gave Aidan something to compare himself against.

Where we're in every scene together throughout the whole episode.

'Being Human USA' Meaghan Rath Q&A: "It's a re-imagining"

I k ar dating accuracy and precision no ability to say anything other than what I absolutely mean and I don't care about how I said it.

And it's like okay, well I think it works. And you know the temptation this season is just a beast. We had less time to do stuff in for various reasons and so there were several things that I had to do that I was very - like Meaghan was saying like how am I going to do this, and I had one take to get it right.

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Yeah and also you don't want to let them down. In Season 3, you find out what I went off and did and what happened, and that was great. And you know I think there's like one or two scenes with us at least in every episode with all three of us.

It was when he found out that it was going to cure Nora that he decided to do it. There's one person on there that I didn't recognize and she pushes the lobby button. Meaghan, was it nice to get some actual wardrobe changes, this season?

We are very, very happy.

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Well is there anything maybe that was really challenging this year, specifically that you could talk about or is that all? I thought it was great that me and Mark could have contentious scene after contentious scene, but you could tell they are extremely close friends.

We will be seeing tension between the three in ways that we didn't see in the first seasons, things get pretty serious and I'll say this, - the scenes feel really good when you do them.

We really do and this year the three characters they get split up a little bit and they go off on their own little journeys and for us that just made us appreciate every time that we had a scene together all the more.

And so this year it's like okay well what new can we show you?

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To meet somebody, fall in love, and completely lose herself in somebody and be unable to see the warning sides of an abusive relationship, is powerful. It's just all back of my head. But there are huge moments for each of us this season that happen sort of mid way through for - yeah for all of us.

Every now and then, I get to do something ridiculous, some really weird stupid ridiculous stuff. Yeah, it's what the show is about and to be honest like we were comfortable with each other instantly on set.

Ultimately, for Josh, he just feels responsible for everyone.

'Being Human USA' Meaghan Rath Q&A: "It's a re-imagining"

Or I'm going to show you this little piece and I'm going to do the best job I can at this one bit, you know? I'm anxious to see how that turns out.

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But, there are so many surprises this season. It's nice to interact with that a little bit. Like it just nails the relationship, it picks back up exactly where it left off. You know what I mean? So last year riding down the elevator from the third floor to the lobby, it's crowded with me and Witwer and a lot of people.

All these plot elements that happen are all there to serve the characters. And I think that's really awesome.

Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, and Meaghan Rath Talk Being Human Season 2

In fact, the more bad choices Aidan is going to have to make, he's going to get darker and delve into the darkness a lot more before he's allowed to maintain his own freedom. There are things that audience members reacted strongly to, last year.

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My idea of Sally and her life is she didn't really believe there was anything after. It's never threatening, but sometimes it's weird. It is a mental institution, so there are patients wandering around living their lives. So you're trying to show them as much as you can.

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That weight has been lifted. I felt the freedom that she definitely feels, and it was really nice. When you do a pilot you're trying to sell the pilot, sell the character, sell this, sell that. I hope it pays off. And I was just so happy to see that.