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Sana and uttu dating divas, giving you the tools attract the love you desire!

We got our bubble gum pic!!! Thank you for bringing to the world what only YOU can!!!!

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I love you, Jamie!! These adorable conversation starters of them!! They are what make the most difference after all the years A fellow diva, Gabby, ordered this for her house, told all of us about it, and we've all been ordering them for our houses!!

We couldn't stop laughing, hair was in each other's faces, and the sun was right smack in our eyes AHHH isn't that stunning?

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The company is thenightskyio and the print is super high quality! There are a few of these darling dresses and jumpers left over brickyardbuffalo! I just love this!!! I'm just NOT gonna show my face in this pic I really DID want a gold star that day!

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You all know I'm complete FarmhouseStyle when it comes to decor, but when we heard about this company, I knew I wanted this in our house!!! You are capable, you are brave, you are significant. No matter what the situation, that man stole my heart through laughter and has never stopped!

As for me… I think you ALL know the answer to this!!

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He wants to let you know that his mama is the brickyardbuffalo guest editor this week! If you're interested in a custom night sky print of your own, head to the link in our bio and check this company out. This would make the perfect surprise gift!! I have two sisters by blood in the pic and three sisters by marriage Mine would have to be the way Jamie makes me laugh.

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Sometimes, we just need someone to remind us how truly amazing we really are!! Share 1 day ago I think we are always hardest on ourselves! Don't forget to let your sisters know how much they mean to you this weekend! Have you checked these out yet?

Splitsvilla 8 Sana Utkarsh Hot Unseen Cleavage|Bikini Pictures :

I'm loving this kit of family conversation cards because it's perfect for any size, shape, age, or type of family. Deflating bubble was going down AS the camera snapped the pic. Head to the link in our bio to see all my picks!

Head to my link in bio!! You don't want ME to explain how this works Tag someone who means the world to you to let them know how awesome you think they are. I think that's the coolest thing!