Sandal Tree Plantation In India Sandal Tree Plantation In India

Sandalwood plantation in bangalore dating. Sandalwood essential oil

As per our project analysis we would be able to fetch upto 8 mt from each acre of cultivation Indian Sandalwood has huge demand worldwide and the supply is currently way under the demand.

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As a company we have the financial capabilities of doing Independent farming without external funding. How much oil does one tree produce? Flowers attract honey bees and ants, which are responsible for the pollination of these plants.

Sandal seedlings (Quality Planting Material)

Sandalwood is an evergreen tree which generally grows in the dry, deciduous forests. Collected seed from August to march with identified seed collecting area of the age between 15 to 25 years plants, dried and treated seeds used for sowing by indigiones or scientific method.

For seven years the young tree depends on other plants for nourishment causing the hosts sandalwood plantation in bangalore dating diebefore it can survive by itself. Estate Caring we provide dedicated staff and we make sure that the farm has been taken care off properly and also tress like Kids.

Trees can be left in the wild during a period of couple of months white termites remove bark and sapwood and leave heartwood, basic source of essential oilsor it can be processed mechanically.

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Up to 1 feet and above. Parvathi Plantations General information on quality seedling production at Parvathi Plantations: Kindly find the following increase in price since till Generally, sandalwood plants are the most valuable plant in India but for commercial plantation, you have to plant more numbers of plants on your farm.

Can Sandalwood cultivation really fetch crores of rupees?

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Important aspects which should be considered for sandal are: Sandalwood theft starts from the 6th year as the tree starts showing traces of oil content and therefore we have made adequate precautions for the same. Sandalwood produces red flowers with 4 petals. The entire farm is well planned with approach roads for a fire- brigade vehicle to reach any point without hindrance.

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Sandalwood is ready for the harvest at the age of 30 to 60 years. Later, French doctors Panas, Laber and Bordier, confirmed these researches. In the beginning we will provide Toordal. This is a semi parasite plant so we have plant hosting plant in between two sandalwood plants pernials.

The drip system adopted by Siri Agri Group are equipped with heat sensors which automatically start sprinkling at the top capacity when there is a sudden change in the temperature. In summer we should provide water twice a week 2liters each plant and Bio — fertilizer, weeding is necessary.

It has very high levels of protein and may also be used as a food product. With easier means to earn more even farm labourers in villages are fast moving towards metros causing huge shortage of availability in farming sector.

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Usually, a single baby plant cost up to Rs. It develops from a very pale yellow to a brownish-yellow; it is viscous with a heavy, sweet, woody and fruity aroma which is pungently balsamic.

Sandalwood plantation

Loss of key role personnel: Red soils with crawal is good. Intensity of scent of sandalwood depends on the type of soil. A mature tree can yield up to kg lb of oil, an enormous quantity. The very purpose of we doing this project is to get the benefits from the final crop.

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Water should not stagnate in pit. The govt of India passed one ordinance in the year of to permit the farmers to cultivate in the bucca patta lands. The project is planned to be self funded for all its maintenance costs as Sandalwood farming needs host plants at various levels which manage continuous funding for management.

It is this heartwood and the roots which are fragrant and contain the oil, the bark and sapwood are odourless.

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The tree is medium sized, about m ft high when mature, which is at the age of 40 — 50 years. Sandalwood oil can be adulterated with diverse oils such as castor, palm and linseed.

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Now, however, I do not think we should use sandalwood as the demand for it is destroying vast plantations and has lead to the cutting of the trees before maturity when far too young.