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While it's a vast improvement, it doesn't sasha braus relationships dating she's completely confident.

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As a part of Squad Levi 2. I'm sure that her father agrees as well. After spying some hot potatoes, Sasha snagged one for herself, informing Instructor Shadis that cold potatoes were just no good.

Most write her off for being a glutton, but she does offer her food to friends in case they want to feast along with her. Her character arc during the Clash of the Titans arc has to be one of my favorite things in the series.

Despite constantly chowing down on every edible thing she can get her hands on, Sasha Braus sports a pretty lean figure, most likely due to her athleticism as a hunter. Although her current status has not been confirmed, I believe she is still alive because no one has said anything about her being dead thus far.

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During the Clash of the Titans arc, Sasha helps evacuate villages that are in danger of the Titans. As it turns out, her predictions are spot on and the Female Titan is able to escape after having her Titan form eaten away.

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Sasha is seen to be a fairly friendly person that gets along well with others. Eye on the Prey: Ymir takes note of this and cruelly teases Sasha for disguising her true dialect behind a fake accent, suggesting that Sasha is ashamed of her origins.

Sasha Braus

While Sasha is unable to save the young girl's mother, she manages to lead the girl out of the house away from the Titan. As she's holding off the Titan as the form runs to safety, her arrows miss her target despite the Titan being mere meters away from her.

Much of her abilities are due to her experience as a huntress. Even though her enemies are armed with guns, Sasha manages to disarm the kidnappers using only her bow and arrows.

Despite the Titans not being her usual prey, she's able to relate their behavior back to other animals. Once again she comes face-to-face with a Titan and, despite her training, still manages to fuck up and get flustered when an Abnormal unexpectedly jumps out at her from a building.

After a battle with the military brigade, Levi chooses Sasha to help patch him up and she manages to stitch him up rather nicely.

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After missing her target, Sasha quivered before the Titan and immediately apologized to it before Mikasa could swoop in and save her. How many of friends will do that for you?

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As the series progresses, her experience builds and the audience sees Sasha become more confident in her abilities and display an amazing amount of courage as she battles against the Titans for humanity and, you know, food. Most of her skills are thanks to her own hunting experiences, which were able to transfer into desirable abilities for soldiers.

This can be seen when she failed to slice the nape of the neck of the Titan she was required to kill.

Even her gray button up is pretty nondescript. In addition to her combat skills, Sasha also displays some knowledge when it comes to medical aid.

Following the Battle of Trost District arc, Sasha is inspired to join the Scouting Legion with the rest of her friends. She displays a surprising accuracy with archery and seems to trust herself with these skills, risking the possibility of hurting Mikasa when she was shooting down her adversary.

The two were often seen goofing off and getting along incredibly well with each other during their trainee days and their closeness continues even during the increasing dangers they face during SnK.

Sasha "Potato Girl" Blouse

Even their ship name is cute! In this case, other squad members around the area were able to lure the Titan away from Sasha and ultimately save her from being eaten. When people think of Sasha, thoughts of Connie Springer, her best friend, are sure to follow close behind. Like most of those who were a part of the th trainee squad, she is betrayed and horrified upon finding out the identities of the Armored and Colossal Titan, but she managed to set aside her personal feelings and dedicate herself to the mission.

Her father calls her a coward and, angered, Sasha joins the military to prove him wrong. She likes to fool around with her friend Connie Springer and the two can be seen goofing off during training and then subsequently being punished by Keith Shadis.

At this point, it seems that the Titans are prey that are much too tough for her to handle. Because of her profession, she keeps her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail.

It's a definite change from how Sasha dealt with Titans in the past. This typically happens when she comes face-to-face with Titans. Similar to her experience in the Battle for Trost District arc, she probably would have died if a comrade had not stepped in and took care of things.