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South Carolina - Department of Transportation Utility Accommodation Manual

This manual outlines policies and regulations for accommo- dating utilities in highway ROWs and adjusting and relocat- ing utility facilities. This manual outlines policies and procedures to be followed for construction of utility facilities within highway ROWs.

In addition, the document defers to state defini- tions in many instances. Scdot policy accommodating utilities inc of florida outlines the roles and responsibilities of every party involved in the utility relocation process, provides relevant laws and regulations, and describes a step-by-step process to follow regarding the accommodation of utilities within highway ROWs.

Accommodative Monetary Policy

All costs for constructing, maintaining, altering, and relocating the permitted facilities shall be the obligation of the utility owner, unless state law otherwise provides. It is also used for installation of miscellaneous guy wires and anchors, to place temporary obstructions on the right of way, and to perform temporary relocations of a more minor nature to accommodate a highway construction project.

It is intended for state utility coordinators, project managers, and utility owners. Util- ity Accommodation Policy, MAprilson ye jin and lee min ho dating moon pp.

This system includes highways that are constructed, improved, and maintained as public highways under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Transportation, including highways on the Interstate system.

Delaware Department of Transportation. The policies are separated by utility type, including pipelines, overhead power and communication lines, under- ground electric power and communication lines, irrigation, drainage pipes, canals, and ditches.

Right of Way, Vol. Utility Adjustments for Highway Construction. Exceptions to policy MnDOT may allow exceptions to this policy if the utility owner can demonstrate that extreme hardships or unusual conditions provide justification and where alternative measures can be prescribed to fulfill the intent of applicable statutes and rules.

This paper presents a comprehensive evaluation of SUE to facil- itate a better understanding of the emerging industry. Michigan Department of Transportation. This presentation lists several key concepts to help minimize utility delays. Utility owners complete this form to request permission to place, construct, and reconstruct utility facilities within trunk highway right of way, whether the utility facility runs longitudinally, skewed, or perpendicular to the centerline of the highway.

Accommodative money policy is triggered to encourage more spending from consumers and businesses by making money less expensive to borrow through the lowering of short-term interest rates.

BREAKING DOWN 'Accommodative Monetary Policy'

This paper discusses the consultative and collaborative approach developed by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec for relocating public utilities in the ROW.

In Con- tract Administration Manual, Ch. Also, to overcome the recession following the credit crisisan accommodative monetary policy was implemented and interest rates were cut to 0. They also are responsible for checking the accuracy of information on completed applications for Utility Accommodation Permits Form and verifying field location.

This document outlines the policies adopted by the state of Minnesota for accommodation of utilities within highway ROWs. It is very similar to the Wisconsin Administrative Code described above.

Policy contents

The presentation includes utility relocation elements coordination, design, constructioncoor-dination elements predesign, design, preconstruction, con- structiona case study presenting the delays associated with highway design impacts estimated days of delaysa dis- cussion of the coordination of plan phasing and utility design, and a design time frame.

This manual describes policies for utility work done within the highway right-of-way by utility companies. When money is easily accessible through banks, the money supply in the economy increases.

Oregon Department of Transportation. This report is a summary of a European scanning tour con- ducted by FHWA and state DOTs to review and document pro- cedures and best practices in several European countries for the major functional work areas involved in highway ROW and utilities processes.

Utility Accommodation on Highway Right of Way

Utah Department of Transportation. It states that no utility can interfere or delay work on highway construction projects by not meeting pre- determined time schedules. This paper discusses court cases pertaining to the payment of public utilities to relocate from highway ROW.

They suggest changes to applications, if necessary, and issue permits with special provisions. Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. This paper describes SUE as a combination of civil engineer- ing, surveying, geophysics, nondestructive excavation, and other technologies that provides accurate mapping of under- ground utilities in three dimensions.

This provision lists requirements that the contrac- tor must complete. The use of SUE during the early design phase can result in increased safety, fewer claims, and lower construction costs.

It describes obtaining utility permits, applying criteria, standards, specifications and policies, accommodation stan- dards, special requirements, maintenance of vegetation and traffic, general requirements, utility surveys, and criteria for limited and nonlimited access.

It does this by running a succession of decreases in the Federal funds ratemaking the cost of borrowing cheaper. This guide provides procedures to follow in order to success- fully facilitate the relocation and adjustment of utility facili- ties.

The guide also outlines procedures for utility relocation on federally funded local public agency projects and utility coordination services that should be provided by the contractor. Page 65 Share Suggested Citation: Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

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Tennessee Department of Transportation. However, some limitations do exist. This policy addresses the utility accommodation permit and the miscellaneous work permit. The purpose of this manual is to provide the utility company with guidelines on how to proceed with utility work within high- way ROWs without disrupting the highway operation.

The Utility Transmission Route Coordinator researches, supplies information, and formally responds to inquiries by the PUC and DOC to protect the interest and safety of the agency, the state transportation system, and the traveling public.

The paper describes a model that considers minimum cover, clear- ance, and vertical and horizontal position, in order to minimize the sum of all utility location-dependent costs.


It is provided for repre- sentatives of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to regulate these standards. This presentation describes the FHWA manual that has been created to help highway designers avoid unnecessary utility relocations. This document provides utility coordination and accommo- dation polices for utility relocation within highway ROWs.

Maine Department of Transportation. The utility owner or its contractor must receive an approved permit before starting work on highway right of way.

Guide to Utility Coordination, State Statute