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We believe that you do not have to deal with all of these annoying problems. We are not like all the other traditional bicycles services online. How wonderful would it be, if you could just use a few clicks to find cheap and reliable used bicycles for sale? Investing in a second hand bicycle is the best financial decision you can make for your economy while staying in Copenhagen.

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Everyone in Copenhagen travels by bicycle. Our core values lies in honesty and helpfulness. We believe that being cruel and taking advantage of people is the wrong way of doing business.

You only have to type in your requirements and budget in our used mingle2 mingle dating site search engine and we will show you a wide range of second hand bicycles for sale.

One of them is feeling the fresh air in your face, while you pass the beautiful landscape with your favorite song playing in your headphones.

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We love helping and connecting people all over the world with sellers and buyers of used bicycles. This is great, because it allows the new beginners to drive slowly, while the more experienced riders have plenty of space to overtake.

You can easily bike between every tourist attraction safe and quickly. Our service is free to use and more than At this point, you start to save a lot of money each month, which you were originally going to pay for using public transportation.

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The bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen makes it easy to get you safely and quick anywhere you want to go. Yes, you do have to pay an amount of money upfront, but the total cost of the bicycle will be equal to a few month of traveling with public transportation.

However, there is no reason for you to be worried. Of course, you already know the answer to this question. It really bothered us to hear these stories.

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However, you do have to invest your money in a second hand bicycle. We really enjoy helping and meeting new people from around the world — And we would like to meet you as well. Traveling by bicycle is free, convenient and perfectly normal.

We do not want to make our money ripping you off. There is a few feelings that you cannot describe to others once you start to bike.

If you liked the bicycle, you could just pay the private seller and ride the bicycle home. Almost every street in Copenhagen has a big bicycle lane in each side of the road; with space enough for two bicycles riding beside each other.

If you chose the wrong ticket for traveling with public transportation, you will meet a merciless conductor and a fine for Danish crowns.

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We want to help you find the bicycles that matches your needs and budget. The other thing that we heard bothered many people was how bicycle stores did not listen to their needs and instead constantly tried to sell them new bicycles instead of used.

Almost everyone in Copenhagen rides a bicycle or have one in case they need it. If you are living in Copenhagen now, you already know how expensive most things are.

Learning how to ride a bicycle is easy and you will quickly get used to it.

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We believed that you would appreciate honesty and respect for your needs. That is why we do our best to help you find a used bicycle in Copenhagen. Every year we help more than 5. Nevertheless, this has not change the core values that lies deep in our philosophy.