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Sedating your cat for travel, translate this page

Flying with your Cat

Does your dog have separation anxiety? Offer water up to the time you leave and again during the journey if possible. Give your cat a chance to acclimate to their surroundings. From the cat soiling the carrier to a car crash, anticipate what you might need.

Can I give my cat Lorazepam? Answer: Consult With Vet First

Make sure your cat is healthy and up-to-date on immunizations. Line the bottom of the box with newspaper or a puppy pad, then place a fleece or blanket on top of that.

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Only a licensed Vet can prescribe and administer any type of medication, to your feline. And the dashboard must be out of bounds for safety sake. Likewise, anecdotally some pet parents report Skullcap and Valerian soothes the troubled traveler. She or he will prescribe the right medication.

If the cat is going into the hold of an aeroplane tranquillisers may not be recommended as drugs can alter the way cats adjust to temperature changes.

Sedating Dogs for Travel - Petcha

Have a recent photo of your cat on your phone. Travelling by car It can be very dangerous to have a cat loose in the car — not only could it cause an accident by becoming entangled with the driver, but if a window or door was opened or an accident occurred, the cat could escape and become lost.

Anti-nausea medications have also been found to be effective for their motion sickness. Do not ever allow a pet to go near the driver side floor where the brake funny online dating statuses about fake gas pedals are located.

Additionally, some breeds are more sensitive than others to anesthesia.

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If the cat survives flying through a splintered windshield, she may be run over by traffic or run off and get lost. Your groomer needs to be in the conversation as well, particularly if the grooming site does not have a veterinary clinic on site or at hand to deal with any potential side effects such as a bad slide from sedated to aware.

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While you might think your cat would be A-okay with doing their business behind a bush, it might be a different story for them. Using the carrier For cats the production of a carrier usually means a trip to the veterinary surgery so they are often not too keen to get into it!

If it is likely to be very hot then use a basket which allows a good air flow through — if it is going to be cold then one which can provide draft-free warmth while still allowing a good air flow would be useful. Some airlines restrict how many pets may travel in the cabin or on a particular flight, and they may have certain flights on which no pets can fly in the cabin.

You can place some type of non-slip padding on the floor of the carrier. However, it also hampers the respiratory drive and should therefore not be given to cats that suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma. Some drugs that are ok for humans will kill a cat.

Not many cats will sit still long enough for a mask to be placed over their mouths and noses, and then for the medication to take effect.

Put her dinner bowl inside. After sedation your cat may be relaxed enough to travel.


Sometimes when I'm at my vets they often use the same drugs humans do in smaller doses I will have her write me out a prescription and have it filled by my pharmacist as it's cheaper. Pet Education reports that buspirone and alprazolam are pills commonly prescribed for feline sedation.

If possible, bring a gallon of a jug of the water your cat drinks at home. Your cat, if happy and comfortable in a crate, will be safer and you will have the peace of mind knowing it is secure when you must leave your friend alone for short periods.

For adult dogs you would use the same dosage as is listed for adults and puppies would use the dosage recommended for children. However, some cats actually become more agitated with tranquillisers so it may be worth testing this out before the actual journey.

Travelling with your cat

About one cat out of ten will not respond in the common way to a particular medication or a particular dose. Pet groomers refuse to do the job because the cat scratches.

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Cats with motion sickness are generally quiet and even a little depressed because they feel awful. WhatsApp From a trip to the vet to an inter-state relocation, it is inevitable your cat will travel by car at some point in her life.

What can you use to safely sedate your cat for grooming

Remove your cat from the carrier and send the carrier through the machine. These pheromones are actually the artificial version of the pheromones released by cats to make them feel safe and secure. If possible get the cat onto a direct flight so that there is no need for it to be disturbed for transfer and prevents any problems associated with waiting around in a very hot or cold country can be avoided.

A scheduled visit to a vet is the only thing I'd recommend for sedating a dog.